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In the clip above from her CBS show “The Talk,” Sheryl Underwood spoke out about “nappy” “Afro” hair during a discussion about Heidi Klum saving her children’s hair after it had been cut.

Klum’s children with ex-husband Seal have “huge Afros,” as she described them. Underwood responded, “Why would you save Afro hair?” She went on to imply that hair like that wasn’t desirable and woman in a hair shop would never ask for that “curly, nappy, beady” hair.

When her co-host Sarah Gilbert revealed she also saves her children’s hair, Underwood countered by saying that it was “probably some beautiful, long, silky stuff. Underwood’s comments implied that type of hair was indeed worth saving and judging by the laughter of the audience, many others in the room agreed. Interestingly, the other black co-host, Aisha Tyler, didn’t say nary a word during the segment. We could be wrong, but judging from the expression on her face, it seemed that she was not diggin’ on Underwood’s comment and wanted to say something, but decided to stay out it.

Well, you can best believe folks took to Twitter to give Sheryl their two cents; they even questioned Underwood’s appreciation for her culture and even for herself. But Underwood of course didn’t back down; she also used her Twitter account to respond to her critics. Her response was that folks are just “tripping,” and told them to “lighten up.”

Natural hair – as we all know – has a long love/hate history in the black community and was even touched on in the Chris Rock documentary “Good Hair,” and the musical number “Good & Bad Hair” from Spike Lee‘s “School Daze.”

It can be a deeply painful topic and would think Underwood would be sensitive enough to not offend those who embrace their “curly, nappy, beady” hair.