A woman, who has only been identified as Stephanie (pictured), lost it in a Detroit cell phone store, after a clerk would reportedly not take back her son’s two-week-old $200 defective cell phone. The one-sided heated exchange, which involved Stephanie trashing the store and mooning the employee, was unfortunately all captured on video, according to ABC Action News, WXYZ.

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The circus-like antics began when Stephanie would not take no from the unidentified cell phone store employee who informed her that her son’s costly phone had exceeded the 7-day return period. Undeterred, Stephanie remained adamant about getting a refund for the phone, which she claims was damaged and outdated.

Since the store clerk did not attempt to accommodate the irate Mom, she took out her frustration on the store by vandalizing it.

“Take everyone’s motherfu**ing money!” said the Mother as she exploded on camera, “Take it!”


Stephanie is seen flinging pamphlets across the store’s floor, literally knocking over whatever she could find during her rampage.  At one point, the clerk alleges that she used a knife to damage the display cases.

As Stephanie is seen being ushered out of the store by another unidentified women, she stops, and in a bizarre move, lifts up her dress, pulls down her underwear, and slaps her buttock while stating, “Take my picture. Take that!  “Take that! You got that? Because I will be back. You got that close up?  Cheese!”

Outside of the store she tells a reporter, “I want you to know there’s a reason why I had to do that,” said Stephanie, the  woman caught on camera. “He’s telling me my money is up in the air, I can’t get a refund or another phone.  [The store] needs to either give me another phone or return my money,” she contends.

Watch Stephanie’s fit at the Detroit cell phone store here:

Meanwhile, the “moonstruck” employee says the store’s owner, who lives in Florida, plans on filing charges against Stephanie for trashing the store, which ironically sits across the street from a police precinct.

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5 thoughts on “Woman Trashes Cell Phone Store, Moons Clerk Over Refund Dispute

  1. Julia10 on said:

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  2. What kind of example is she setting for her son. You don’t handle a situation by exploding in a fit of rage and then literally showing your ass.

  3. Random thoughts:
    While reading the article, I just shook my head!
    Man, why did she have to embarrass us that way?!
    This reminds me of the idiots that I see on the reality show, “Hard Core Pawn.” After seeing this, it makes me wonder if the majority of folks in Detroit are insane. (Not only is it in the food, but it is in the water!)
    All that for a $200 cell-phone?
    Why didn’t she bring it back within the 7-day period? (If the phone was outdated AND damaged, why did he buy it?)
    Her brassiere was showing the entire time! (Uh huh, yes she did show her behind!)
    I am so embarrassed for her, her son and that woman with her. (The youngsters in the neighborhood know her and her son!)
    For a cell-hone?????
    Still SMH!

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