There are taterheads, and then there are total taterheads.

Former Florida Rep. Allen West just might be a total taterhead.

West is known for being black and conservative. Nothing wrong with that. I’m just as black and every bit as conservative as he is.

But he and I part company on several things. When he went on an “all Muslims are evil” rant a while back, I figured it might be best to dismiss any comment he made after that.

If a recent rant of his is any indication, then my dismissal was completely justified.

What has West in high dudgeon is the incident in which three black teens attacked a 13-year-old white boy on a Florida school bus. West’s rant about the incident follows:

“Three 15-year-old black kids beat up a white kid because he told school officials they tried to sell him drugs. Do you hear anything from Sharpton, Jackson, NAACP, Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, liberal media or Hollywood? Cat got your tongues or is it that pathetic hypocrisy revealing itself once again? Y’all just make me sick.”

You have to wonder about a guy that can diss Reverend Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, Jay-Z and a blind Stevie Wonder all at once.

But it isn’t the blind Stevie Wonder that matters here; it’s the blind Ray Charles, who’s quite dead. But even Ray Charles, dead and blind, could see everything that’s wrong with West’s rant.

It’s one thing to make apples to oranges comparisons; West chooses to make apples to hand grenades analogies, and those grenades have exploded right in his kisser.

Shall we count the ways the July 9 incident on a Florida school bus differs from George Zimmerman’s fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin?

1.    That 13-year-old white victim is still alive.

Yes, he did receive a beating that, judging from video taken of the incident, can only be described as vicious.

Yes, he did suffer a broken arm and two black eyes. But the boy lived to tell his tale. And having a broken arm and two black eyes beats being dead seven days a week and twice on Sunday.

2.    The boy’s attackers were arrested almost immediately. One month later, they were in court.

Compare that to what happened with the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin situation.

Police in Sanford, Fla., barely conducted an investigation. They bought Zimmerman’s story that Martin attacked him and that he fired in self-defense, hook, line and sinker.

They never bothered to consider, even remotely, that Martin might have attacked Zimmerman because the youth thought some nut was stalking him.

While I’m on this subject, isn’t it time someone questioned Zimmerman’s REAL reason for following and stalking Martin the night of Feb. 12, 2012?

Yes, we know the reason Zimmerman gave: that Martin looked like he was “up to no good” and that there had been several neighborhood burglaries.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been suspicious of grown men that follow and stalk young boys.

3.    There was nothing racial about the July 9 incident.

West said as much himself: the attack was inspired by revenge, not race. The attackers were out to get payback because they thought the 13-year-old had “snitched.”

The beating of the 13-year-old was more a result of the “Stop Snitching” mentality afflicting today’s youth – white ones as well as black ones – than the result of racial animus.

Once again, compare that to the Zimmerman/Martin case. For months, Zimmerman’s supporters have espoused the fiction that the shooting had nothing to do with race, but consider the following, from the transcript of the taped call Zimmerman made to police the night he shot Martin:

“He’s got his hand in his waistband. And he’s a black male.”

Zimmerman was talking about Martin, and it’s clear exactly what he meant.

“Uh oh. Black kid’s got his hand in his waistband. You know how those black males are, especially when they’re reaching into their waistbands.”

4.    No one supports what the 13-year-old attackers did.

Compare that to the support Zimmerman got – and continues to get – from American conservatives. With most of these people, Zimmerman’s a hero.

It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that West is one of them.

(Photo: AP)

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21 thoughts on “Comparing Apples to Hand Grenades: Allen West’s Recent Rant is Off Base

  1. Natedogii on said:

    Allen West you people love to love sorry Blackmen that go out of their way to bring the Black race down This fool was in the military for some of the junk he has said he would have ben throw out trader oh and Deejay you not white stop thinking like one peace

    • Deegeejay on said:

      It is the group think that is scary. If we don’t all agree then you’re less black. A Black person cannot even be critical of President Obama without being ridiculed.

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  3. How about comparing the incident to Duke Lacrosse remember the three white guys
    Al rode into town with one of his classic “No justice No Peace” campaigns even Jessie
    got in on it. End result the case fell apart the three accused were vilified there education wrecked the DA wound up being run out of town Crystal Mangum oh yes Crystal I believe she doing life in prison for murder .
    Alan West may not be right about everything no one is. But the liberal Black Influential s
    sure as hell haven’t ether .Blacks in this country are far worse off than with any Republican/Conservative
    president yet the BI’s still con and BS us into beliefs that Dem’s are our saviors ..hell there the ones that put our @zz in chains to begin with and we’re still slaves to the government

    • FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

      Let’s not forget the 5 young men known as the CENTRAL PARK JOGGER who spent years in jail because a white woman said 5 black guys raped her. It was one guy who did it. Those guys lost years in jail and New York is dragging this case for years to keep from paying them. Every politician was on her side until the truth came out. She identified 5 guys who didn’t do it. She had the whole world in a uproar that she was gang raped and she wasn’t.

      • CORRECT FIFTY!! BUT when can we talk about the land, businesses, and the burning of Tulsa Okla.’s black section of town that the WHITE MAN BURNED TO THE GROUND. The lynchings, tarring, raping, dragging’s of our black people. Even the raping of our HBCU of their negro athletes to build their programs into mega-colleges, as our HBCU struggle…..I look at the western channel sometimes and see the HATRED from the white man in those old TV shows..How they with no education hung men, killed families so they could become rich…..One that has a good lesson is called, “THE OXBOW INCIDENT” watch it and see how the white man forced his will on this country!!!

    • TRUE!! But she had me fooled, had the local DA fooled, and a million more people also. Had the President of DUKE fooled. SO how do you know whom to believe. So could we assume he screwed up Trayvon’s case also? According to white people they came into town RACE-BAITING THE WHOLE MURDER? But do you think all the press and media coverage brought out the TRUTH for the DUKE CASE?? How about Tawanna’s case also. Justice was served during an injustice mainly due the lies of BOTH women involved. Where would we be if we never heard about Trayvon? Or the lady that shots in the air to protect herself and gets 20yrs in jail.. How about the Davis kid in Jacksonville, Fl.. When you calling a SPADE A SPADE and it is all true… HOW GOOD IS REV. AL.

    • JHUFF!! every American is a slave to the government that protects them. The thing is blacks killing blacks and the white man is not the cause.. blacks thinks it’s okay to smoke weed at 60yrs old. WE think it is still okay to GET OVER on each other, cause we sho ain’t GETTIN’ OVER on the white man..look at the hoods…RENTED PROPERTY FROM UNCLE SAME?? NIGGAS don’t own a damn block or pay property taxes, but hollas..ATL, PHILLY, L.A. LBC..213, 404, 706… AND GOT 22″ RIMS PARKED IN DA HOOD, BUT NO 529 COLLEGE FUNDS..MY PEOPLE!! 36 blacks killed in Montgomery, Alabama….37 blacks caused their deaths….all drug and domestic violence..i can kill a black man and get less time that if I starved a dog to death!! GOP ain’t my friends, but I have no record, no jail time, 2 speeding in 40 yrs and 1 child. Democrats ain’t my friends either.. but the lesser of 2 DEVILS

    • Oh please, when it came to that DUKE LACrosse case, just as many whites were on that case as much as anyone else. Nancy Grace and Wendy Murphy (two white women) lead the pack on that and lets not forget Michael Jackson’s trial which was joke and people degraded him WITHOUT the facts. So again, whites were in on all of those cases. To me, these cases were more about media hype to get a ratings than about TRUTH.

  4. Alan West is the ARTUR DAVIS, of FLORIDA!! He is not REVELANT to ANYTHING going on in AMERICA..NOT EVEN DOG CATCHING.. Just another Mike Steele, J.C. Watts, and other black persons that think if the criticize blacks and Obama, the whites will like them, or think he is a smart black man, that wasn’t brainwashed….PLEASE NO MORE POST FROM THIS IDIOT…PLEASE!!!! JUST AS I ASKED FOR NO MORE ARTICLES ABOUT ARTUR DAVIS!!!!

    • I agree Billy. And again, these types of Blacks degrade other civil right leaders YET they are doing. If Mr. West care about that kid who was beat on bus, then he can speak about it (and for the record, kids hit kids EVERYDAY from all races. Two white girls just was seen doing the same thing. WHy haven’t West got upset over that incident and want whites to act up). WHy does Mr. WEst want AL and Jesse to be the ones to speak especially since they make him sick?

  5. Deegeejay on said:

    West is comparing apples to apples but Rev Al & Jesse are jokes and deserve ridicule any chance we get a chance. As far as Stevie and Jayz , if you make a comment prepare to called out rightly or wrongly. The incidents of black on white crime is so lopsided we blacks should take a look and figure out why we resort to violence so often?

    • Actually that’s a lie…whites are more than 6 times to be criminalized by a white person than a black. Maybe you should check the recent FBI stats and not some conservative website.

    • No more than 0.7 percent of blacks will commit a violent crime against a white person in a given year, and fewer than 0.3 of whites will be victimized by a black person in a given year;

      Whites are 6 times as likely to be murdered by another white person as by a black person; and overall, the percentage of white Americans who will be murdered by a black offender in a given year is only 2/10,000ths of 1 percent (0.0002). Although the numbers of black-on-white homicides are higher than the reverse (447 to 218 in 2010), the 218 black victims of white murderers is actually a higher percentage of the black population interracially killed than the 447 white victims of black murderers as a percentage of the white population. In fact, any given black person is 2.5 times as likely to be murdered by a white person as any given white person is to be murdered by an African American.


      • Deegeejay on said:

        In raw number we are still doing more crime on the whites. If this as how we’re handling things and not taking responsibility for our problems, we will always need gov’t help. They will always expect lees of us. We will always need programs like affirmative action etc. we’re doomed. West is right. I guess I am a house nigga too.

    • Oh please, I will deal with Rev Al and Jesse before I would deal with a someone like West. The problem I have with people who talk about Jesse and Al is that people like West can run his mouth YET West and others are NOT doing anything. DegeeJay, you say Al and JEsse is a joke, well show me YOUR record of what YOU are doing to make things better. I bet it is 0. Typical porch negros (sit and degrade others while doing NOTHING themselves). Like my mother said, “There were blacks who degraded MLK and now those same blacks praises MLK”.

      • Deegeejay on said:

        I will continue to believe what I believe and volunteer in my community. Hopefully we can make a difference no matter whatever our philosophies are.

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