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Comedian Chris Paul takes a hilarious look at today’s hottest topics.

Okay, brace yourselves everybody because I have some surprising news.  DMX got arrested again, that alka-drugaholic was riding around with his boy in South Carolina and he cops found him over and found weed in the car.  But DMX is calling BS.  He says it’s all a setup because five cop cars and 18 cops were waiting on him, but in defense of the police down in South Carolina there are five cop cars and 18 cops waiting on every brother.

In a recent interview, Bishop Noel Jones explains once and for all why he decided to be on the upcoming reality show, Preachers of LA.  Bishop Jones says; the reason why I’m doing this show is (cha-ching) because I want to deflate the (cha-ching) iconic classic (cha-ching) dispositions that we have towards men and women (cha-ching) who are in the ministry.  (cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching).

 A crazy man arrested for stalking CNN’s Andersen Cooper claims that it’s a mutual crush.  But the stalker remains behind bars after trying to kick down the front door of Andersen Cooper’s home.  Hmm, I would think that any dude with a crush on Andersen Cooper would try the back door.