Roland Martin talks with the CEO of Truth in Reality, Sil Lai Abrams, about Russell Simmons‘ Harriet Tubman sex tape and how it’s about more than just misrepresenting a historic figure.

5 thoughts on “Do You Think Russell Simmons was Wrong for the Harriet Tubman Sex Tape?

  1. What’s Up Richie Rush, can’t you think of anything better to do with you cash besides pick-on deceased freedom fighters who can’t defend themselves? Didn’t they kick down enough doors so you IMPOTENT colored ass could make millions? Tell you what Richie Rush my psyche couch is available. I’ll help you get to the root of why you dream about dead people screwing. I only charge $200 per hour, probably a lot less then you paid for that sick ass video to be made. Judging by the content of the disrespectful video, we can deduce you like it twisted. I keep it hardcore; you know straight-no-chaser. Call me: 1-Bet-YOU-SUCK

  2. Ruth O'hara on said:

    I agree with Rhett. Black women need to realize that they need to stop blindly supporting people who don’t support them. So many famous Black men who have built their empires on the support of Black women are only too quick to lambast or sell out Black women at the drop of a hat if they feel it’s going to get them more ‘cross-over appeal’. (case in point: good hair by chris rock; oh and comedians…the hair weave jokes are old…find some new material)

  3. Not only was it wrong, but also stupid, disrespectful, insensitive, and down right outrageous!! And Russell is parading around like he’s an elite. I’d say that move is more ghetto, than elite

  4. Yes I KNow it was wrong as well as disrespectful. And he’s not one of these young kids out here who could get a pass because of their ignorance. He’s in O.G. status and should know better. Who ever has a Rush Card should turn it in for another company or bank. That would show him and other idiots like him what making a stupid statement or doing something thoughtless like this can get them.

  5. I think sexism is a hard habit to get out of when it’s part of your culture (especially in the entertainment industry where the decision-makers are mostly men).

    Exposing the cause (and not villifying the person) and building a community discourse is the only way to shift that mentality as a culture.

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