According to TMZ, Terrance Howard’s ex-wife claims that the actor brutally beat her while they were on vacation in Costa Rica.

His ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, divorced Howard in May. But according to her, the two of them reunited for a tropical getaway. She says after they had an argument, he began hitting her.

But Howard is making a claim of his own that she maced him, his adult daughter and another family member.

Sources are shooting down Howard’s claim, stating that he is just trying to cover the case of physical abuse against Ghent. But insiders close to Howard are saying it’s the other way around and that Ghent is the one making up stories.

Regardless of claims and counter-claims, police were called and reports were taken.

After the alleged attack, Ghent is seeking a restraining order from the courts to keep Howard from coming any where near her again.

This isn’t the first instance that Ghent has claimed against Howard for domestic violence. In the past she reported that the actor hit her in the face and neck. According to Ghent, the abuse started just one week after the got married.

7 thoughts on “Terrence Howard’s Ex-Wife Claims He Beat Her During Costa Rica Vacation

  1. If he was beating you during the marriage, why on earth would you go anywhere with him??? Terrance, stay in your lane; because if you try that mess with the wrong sista; you are going to get your ass handed to you.

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