Singer Kelly Price has always struggled despite her enormous vocal talent because of her weight. Even after losing over 100 pounds some years ago, her success has been limited by perceptions about her size. Now the reigning diva on “R&B Divas L.A.,” Price wants to use her newfound reality TV platform to help other overweight-by-Hollywood standards talent get discovered. She is now casting for a new reality series “Too Fat for Fame.”

“I’m really excited about it. I’ve always and to talk about my weight in this industry no matter what it always comes up,” Price told The Tom Joyner Morning Show. “Too Fat for Fame” is a reality platform that’s going to be giving plus-size people an opportunity through various challenges to make their way to their own platform. “There are a lot of singers and dancers, actors and actresses, models and television personalities all around who can’t get a yes because they’re plus-sized. So the first prerequisite of the show is that you’ve got to be plus sized but you’ve got to be really talented, too.”

Price is not just looking for singers. She is interesting in seeing anyone who is overweight and looking to showcase their talents. Her aim with this show is to find people whose talent transcends the notion that being plus-sized means a Hollywood career is out of reach, and she’s looking to cast men or women who fit the bill.

“I guess anything that the industry would consider too big, which is almost everybody if you’re not like spaghetti-thin. In my eyes, I kind of know what they look at and say is acceptable and what’s not acceptable.

These are people who are extremely talented and cannot get a foot in the door or get a yes because of their weight.”

As for her role on “R&B Divas L.A.” which is already as successful as it’s original Atlanta version, Price diplomatically says there’s no one diva that overshadows the others (Sybil disagrees, outing Chante Moore as the show’s top diva so far.) When asked if she would vote anyone off the diva island, Price says not yet.

“I don’t think we get to vote. If we could, there might not be anybody left on the show. Truthfully, we all are [divas]. It’s getting interesting and we all get to watch it roll out. I watched with my jaw on the floor last night.”

For “Too Fat for Fame” casting info, click here. 

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7 thoughts on “Too Fat For Fame? Kelly Price Says She’s Looking for You

  1. Yes I’m a bit over weight but has been in a few local plays like jamaican plays/comedy nd feel since I was born a big baby been trying to lose this nd feel like I really dnt belong so I just shut down

  2. Sharae Jankins on said:

    Saw her at a tea about 2 years ago. She was about 100 lbs lighter. Overweight is not good and we need to quit glorifying it.

  3. Yeah, I remember when Monique had all these fat women on her show. She was so good at making these women that “fluffy” was beautiful, she convinced them to get naked on tv. I wonder what they think about that decision now that Monique has decided that fat ain’t really that beautiful after all, but she used their fat asses to line her pockets. Sheeple. Fat is not fabulous.

  4. Sexy Leroy on said:

    …or maybe she (and others) are not as “talented” as they think they are. Aretha Franklin is fat. Adele is fat. The Fat Boys were fat. Luther Vandross, Chubby Checker and Heavy D were fat!!!

  5. No, I don’t think that it should matter what size you are if you have talent. But the bigger issue is the rising obesity epidemic in our society and especially in the African-American community. We should not accept that it is “okay” to be overweight. It isn’t! Too many of us are suffering from chronic illnesses that are directly associated with obesity. Diabetes and cancer should not be taken lightly and too many of us (men and women) are dying too young as a result. We should stop letting this society define us as a people. We are NOT the only criminal-minded, under-educated, hyper-sexed, immoral, overweight humans on this earth. These factors are represented within all human ethnic groups. And being one of groups represented by a lower percentage of the overall population…realistically, African-Americans are the least to fall into these categories. The media and our societal systems would have the rest of the world believe that these are the things that define us. Unfortunately, we start believing these things about ourselves. We have to work to become more balanced (mind, body, spirit and emotions). When we don’t seek balance we become targets for all of the negativity that society wants to place on us. When we don’t feed our minds, we resort to our primal nature. We have to focus on ourselves as individuals, then as families, and finally as communities. We are being denied credit for too many things that we positively contribute to this society. We are natural artists and have wonderful abilities. We fight and survive systemic oppression on a daily basis. But we are not developing productive coping mechanisms. We are too quick to accept the self-fulfilling prophecy. Starting with our bodies, we need to substitute exercise for eating! We need to learn to eat right and not just EAT. We need to substitute self-love for self-destruction! I love all of my big-boned, beautiful sisters, but I’d much prefer that they just be BEAUTIFUL! I say these things out of LOVE! It is out of love for my African-American people and out of a love that I am developing for ALL people. These are things that I have learned after much struggle in my own life! I embrace wholeness and healing. This is the level of understanding that will give my talented brothers and sisters the credit that they deserve when they pursue their passions. At some point, we won’t need this society’s approval to be who we are!

  6. dtown on said:

    I think this is great. She should include Queen Latifah and Toccara Jones. I wish Kelly the best with this. Plus size people are overlookedand cast to the side in this industry. If you have talent, it shouldn’t matter.

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