Now we know that the six jury members in the George Zimmerman trial aren’t all on the same page.

That’s because Tuesday evening, 4 of them made a point to distance themselves from statements that another juror made on CNN.

Using court stationery, the four jurors issued a brief statement saying that the opinions expressed by Juror B37 to Anderson Cooper on Monday night are not representative of their views.

“The opinions of Juror B37, expressed on the Anderson Cooper show were her own, and not in any way representative of the jurors listed below,” said the statement, signed by Jurors B51, B76, E6 and E40.

As we reported, Juror B37 said the actions of Zimmerman and 17-year-old Trayvon Martin both led to the teenager’s fatal shooting last year, but that Zimmerman didn’t actually break the law. And essentially Trayvon Martin was responsible for his own death.

“Serving on this jury has been a highly emotional and physically draining experience for each of us,” the statement said. “The death of a teenager weighed heavily on our hearts but in the end we did what the law required us to do.”

Juror B37 said she didn’t believe that Zimmerman followed Martin because of his race. She said she thought Zimmerman made some mistakes, but that she believed Martin struck Zimmerman first and that the neighborhood watch volunteer had a right to defend himself.

Juror B37 told Cooper that the jurors were initially divided on Zimmerman’s guilt, with three jurors believing he was guilty of either manslaughter or second-degree murder, but that the jury agreed to acquit the 29-year-old Zimmerman after more closely reviewing the law.

Juror B37 said a block of concrete that defense attorney Mark O’Mara placed in front of jurors during closing arguments made an impression, as did photos of Zimmerman’s bloodied head. She also believed Martin’s actions contributed to his death.

“I think George got in a little bit too deep, which he shouldn’t have been there, but Trayvon decided that he wasn’t going to let him scare him and get the one-over, up on him or something,” she said. “I think Trayvon got mad and attacked him. “

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8 thoughts on “Four Zimmerman Jurors Distance Themselves from Juror B37

  1. who is juror # 37,fuck everything she said and to jiggy 5,you’re fuck up too by making a statement about blacks,there is know two people alike,and you sound stupid,noe,you have a good day and educate yourself,lol///////////////////////////////////////////////////

  2. Jiggy5 on said:

    White people view us just as Rachael Jeantel presented…..lying, disrespectful, unprepared, lazy, and attitude ridden. We only have ourselves to blame peeps. Stop blaming others.

  3. Josie ellis on said:

    I don’t believe a word from juror 37B or any of those jurors. They had their mind made up before they enter the courtroom. It is how they see us, and they see us different. Bottom line. Just like George Zimmerman, they have Trayvon blood on their hands.

  4. In a part of the interview that aired Tuesday, Juror B37 said it would not have made much difference if George Zimmerman had testified at trial as she believes he would have given the same story he gave investigators.
    Well if that is how she actual felt then the case was ALREADY decided BEFORE they went into deliberations.
    If she actually thought Zimmerman would have given the same story, then which one would he have provided? The one where he first said his gun was in his back waistband, or the one where he said the gun was in his front waistband?
    Which story would he have provided about whether or not he knew Martin was a teen? At first, he said he did not know Martin was a teenager, but told the 911 that Martin appeared to be in his “late teens.”
    Which story would he have provided about whether or not he followed Martin? At first, he said he did not pursue/follow Martin but then later said he did. (Although Zimmerman did not have to follow the advice of the dispatcher, he still lied. We are aware that laws differ from State to State but here in Colorado, it is a crime to stalk/pursue/follow someone but according to the defense, it IS legal in Florida. I had no idea.)
    So regardless, no matter what Zimmerman said, juror B37 believed he was justified in MURDERING 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.
    Not only did that juror waste time deliberating, so did the prosecutor and defense, for putting on an over-staged performance as if they were actually trying to achieve justice for Trayvon Martin.

  5. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Give me a break! It’s too late to say you distance yourselves, yet you also voted “not guilty”. That’s not distancing yourselves when all but one of you voted the same verdict. These people in Sanford FL have strange mindsets (weird).

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