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Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with Bruce Zimet, the attorney representing Marrissa Alexander, the woman who received twenty years in prison after firing a warning shot into her ceiling despite it not harming or killing anyone.

2 thoughts on “What’s the Difference Between the Marissa Alexander Case and the Zimmerman Case?

  1. MCWAY on said:

    The differences between the case are night and day:

    1) Zimmerman had forensic evidence to support him; Alexander didn’t.
    2) Zimmerman had eyewitness testimony; Alexander didn’t.
    3) Zimmerman had six witnesses verifies his cries for help on THE 911 tape; Alexander didn’t.
    4) Zimmerman actually called 911; Alexander didn’t.
    5) Zimmerman had video and photos of his injuries; Alexander didn’t.
    6) Zimmerman cooperated with the police; Alexander didn’t.
    7) Angela Corey had to bend and break the law to arrest Zimmerman; Corey went by the book to arrest Alexander.

    How’s that?

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