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“The Fly Jock”, Tom Joyner headed to CNN last night to talk with evening talk show host Piers Morgan about offering Rachel Jeantel a full ride scholarship to any HBCU, Rush Limbaugh using the N-word and more.

In case you missed it, the DJ offered Rachel Jeantel, the friend of Trayvon Martin who took the stand as a key witness in the trial of George Zimmerman, a full ride scholarship to the HBCU of her choice. His offer also included tutoring to complete high school and assistance in preparing for the SAT test to get into college. Joyner reached out to Jeantel after witnessing her testimony on national television as she recounted her conversation with Trayvon Martin, which turned out to be his last phone call before being killed by George Zimmerman.

Click here to hear Joyner’s offer to Jeantel on this morning’s “Tom Joyner Morning Show.”

‘Piers Morgan Live’ airs on CNN nightly 9 p.m. EST.

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36 thoughts on “Tom Joyner Talks to ‘Piers Morgan Live’ About Rachel Jeantel Scholarship Offer (VIDEO)

  1. People People People PLEASE STOP RESPONDING TO THE HATE MONGERS!! Don’t you realize that the only reason they come on this thread is to get a rise out of people; and when someone responses to them you are only feeding into their nonsense. The best policy is to IGNORE THEM, AND NOT EVEN RESPOND.

  2. Henry on said:

    I was listening to a former Federal Marshall on Tom Joyner show speaking about the Trayvon case. He stated that it would be hard to prosecute Zimmerman because the incident happen in a private gated community. He stated that it would have occured on federal property they could file a civil rights case. It was my understanding that the whole incident started at the mailboxes. I think that all mailboxes are own by the federal government. Since it started at the mail boxes the justice department should be able to go forward with the civil rights case.

  3. Beverly Ward on said:


    You are right what you just said, white people can’t do no wrong because in there minds white is right they are a race of people who always justify every wrong thing that happens to blacks and other minorities like god told them this is your world so you can do what you want I can’t wait until there fucking judgement day because the majority of them are definitely in my opinion going straight to hell.

  4. Beverly Ward on said:


    You are a fucking nut, you white people pretend to have such a high education but if that was the case how can you defend a murderer and claim its self defense if you so smart. Just take a look at them stupid white men in congress if they were black they would be washing dishes somewhere please.

  5. Alan722 on said:

    According to jiggy5 & the haters ,this young woman should have no help in life. What a demented attitude. Kudos to TJ for his generous offer of assistance.

    • Tami on said:

      Zimmerman didn’t testify, Tom can spend his money on who he wants to go where he wants, white people aren’t the only ones who go to school and work, it’s confusing why white people would be hating on someone sending the young lady to school when they are the main ones complaining about her, and why do the come her changing their user name repeatedly to insult us and entertain themselves?

      Go Tom! Keep helping our community and ticking these racists off and we’ll keep listening and doing our parts with the young people we encounter daily. Our team effort will continue to pay off. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t be mad.

      • eerock41 on said:

        Because Tami, if there was a white only college that would be racist, it is ok to have all black colleges. I am sure you would be the first person to complain about it if there was one.

      • @ eerock41- why don’t you visit an HBCU. The one I attended had plenty of white students in our vet school. Additionally, my college was founded in 1881. At that time white colleges certainly weren’t rushing to accept black students. Hell, in 1962 riots broke out at Ole Miss to protest the enrollment of their first black student. So take your BS comment elsewhere.

  6. Jiggy5 on said:

    This woman, Diamond Dee Dee was the most important witness in the historic case of the century and she could not have been more disinterested or ill prepared. She was worried more about her hair and nails. Did you hear what she asked the judge as she left the stand? ” Can I use my phone now? “. Are you for real? Give the scholarship money to Channa Lloyd.

    • Jiggy5 on said:

      I’d give you about 2 hours before you realize that disrespectful, lazy, smug liar makes you walk out in disgust.

  7. Cynthia Andrews on said:

    To Mike in Memphis not only black students attend HBCU schools there are other races also including white students also Tom gives away a scholarship away every week to a student who already attends an HBCU. So what are you doing with your money!!!!!

    • Mike in Memphis on said:

      Waht I did with my money is that I paid for my two sons college education…they also worked while attending college….they did not have a free ride….so now that they have graduated… the money I earn and the tax dollars that I pay on what I earn…give free rides to people who want more and more and will not stand on their own feet and blame everyone else for their problems

      • eerock41 on said:

        This is @Jiggy5 so you were a slave? no one alive today was a slave in the USA. Hom much more can the white community do for you. Get off your lazy butt’s and make the change for yourself, dont expect it to be handed to you.

      • @ Mike – do you know Rachael? Have you talked to her about her aspirations and dreams? So what he gave her a scholarship to an HBCU. Tom Joyner graduated from an HBCU. It would seem to me you’d be happy for her not jealous and hateful. It’s his money and he could do what he wants. Why don’t you start a foundation and issue scholarships to a white college, instead of posting your witless dribble on BAW.

  8. Leona Wimmer on said:

    I think it is fantastic that you are willing to help her. She has really taken a beating in the media. You are a great person to help her. There should be more people like you!

  9. Mike in Memphis on said:

    Your offer to Rachel Jeantel for a full ride scholarship to the HBCU of her choice. The offer also included tutoring to complete high school and assistance in preparing for the SAT test to get into college….but the offer is only for a HBCU….that seems a bit racist on your part…there are many colleges and universities that provide education to all races…and guess what…they learn together…eat together..work together….and even protest together….but again the offer is only for a HBCU…so…it appears that racists…come in different colors…How many White students have you help with tutors and full scholarship to a college of their choice….I bet I know the answer…None…so now it appears that you are a hypocrite besides a racist.

    Do you know who Marley Lion is…you probably never heard of him…would he look like the President’s son…did his parents receive a phone call…when he was killed…was there a call for a DOJ investigation…the answer is NO…because he was a 17 year old White teenager and he was victim of Black on White crime and was killed by four blacks adults, all with long criminal records, while he was sleeping in his vehicle bothering no one…Where was the outage by the national news..it remained only in the local news..because it did not fit into the national liberal press and their agenda….I also noticed that there was no riots in the streets by the Whites when he was killed and they want justice for him also.

    • He doesn’t have to help “white” students. That’s what “white” priviledge is for. Tom can do what ever the hell he wants with HIS money. Go ask Ted Nugent to help your “white” students.

    • Beverly Ward on said:

      Yes, that might have happen, but the difference is they probably are all locked up more than I can say for that coward GZ and another thing you white people have enough through other people hard work seems like you think you are the only ones who should have a free ride, as far as slavery goes you still haven’t paid us for that so don’t try to pretend you have given us anything because you have given nothing but you bullshit racist attitudes and your hatred, if blacks really had a fair chance in life we would surpass you stupid crazy white people hands down.

  10. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Ok if George Zimmerman father is white, isn’t he white? Why won’t the camera’s show him? It’s almost as if he is in hiding. Out of all of the his witnessess his father did not testify, why didn’t he testify for his son? Why, because they want continue call GZ hispanic by showing only his mother whos’ from Peru. Show us GZ’s father who happens to be white. It’s another trick of the defense attorney’s again to prey on the hispanic population to show only his mother not his father. President Obama’s mother is white, why aren’t they calling him white because his mother is white. Hypocrites!

    • majestic on said:

      Because whites can do no wrong, according to them. Hispanic my @ss!! Real Hispanics usually mind their own business.

    • Jiggy5 on said:

      Mr. Zimmerman did testify you fool. I can only imagine that you thought Rachael Jeantel testified well and “kept it real”. Listen to juror 37, she all but says Rachael lost the case for the prosecution.

    • eerock41 on said:

      GZ’s dad did testify, Please know what you are talking about before commenting. Thanks Tom Joyner for proving that Racheal is uneducated. No high school diploma means no high education.

      • @ eerock41 – Eric Snowden has a GED. Were you on CNN and other news sites raking him over the coals for his lack of education? His uneducated a$$ got helluva lot of support from white people.

    • Carmella: I saw the mother, and father on some program, and actually the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the father was that he doesn’t look white to me. I don’t know if the father is tanned, or what….but he has more of a yellow/olive complexion to me. People have the right to consider themselves whatever they want to; but it’s a known fact that a lot of Latinos check “White” vs Latino on census forms.

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