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Ronald Isley may not be in a museum but that doesn’t mean he’s not a national treasure. The lead singer of the Isley Brothers has had a storied career spanning five decades and encompassing multiple genres of music. His latest release “This Song Is For You” showcases his uniquely beautiful voice while teaming him up with contemporary artists Trey Songz and KEM. As far as his legacy, well, that’s solidified. He is said to be the most prolific performer in music with a catalogue of music that surpasses even The Beatles.

“I heard we did 46 albums. I’ve never counted them myself. That’s a lot of albums, though,” Isley, in true understated style, told the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

While R&B music has taken a beating as of late, old school artists like isley and BET Awards honoree Charlie Wilson have experienced a career renaissance, finding audiences and record deals that much younger artists covet. That proves there is still a need for authentic soul, something that folks like Isley have been doing all along. His alter ego, Mr. Biggs, introduced by R. Kelly some years back, does make an appearance on this CD.

Starting on July 26, you can see Isley on the road on the Bounce TV Summer Music Festival with  Frankie Beverly and Maze and KEM. 

“This Song Is For You” track listing:

1. “This Song is For You”

2. “Dinner and a Movie”

3. “My Favorite Thing” featuring Kem

4. “The Boss”

5. “Bed Time”

6. “Another Night”

7. “Lay you Down” [intro]

8. “Lay You Down” featuring Trey Songz

9. “Reunion”

10. “He Won’t Ever Love You”

11. “Better or Worse”

12. “Let’s Be Alone”

13. “Make Love to Your Soul”