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Tom and the crew open the show talking about CNN’s interviews with Rachel Jeantel and juror “B37”.

6 thoughts on “‘I Welled Up From the Rachel Jeantel Interview’- TOP OF THE MORNING

  1. Mattie on said:

    I love the fact that you didn’t just feel sorry for her, but you offered your assistance in the best possible way. Now the rest is up to her. You will definitely be blessed. I also want Rachel to know that she can do it.

  2. Sunny on said:

    Thank you for telling America about The Tom Joyner Foundation tonight on Piers Morgan! It’s wonderful that you’re sending Rachel Jeantel and other young African Americans to college, when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. I plan to make a donation. If everyone who signs the latest Trayvon Martin petition donated just $1, you’d have $1 million+ to send kids to college!

  3. sharon travis on said:

    I just watched you on the CNN Piers Morgan show. Thank you for what you are doing for Rachel Jeantel. I’m an older, white woman and watching the shameful treatment Rachel received by the prosecutors during the trial made me ashamed to be white…but here’s what I am determined to do: I am more determined to treat others, regardless of race or color, with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Thank you, Tom, for setting the example for the rest of us. I wish her all the best. I absolutely believe that she can and will succeed in life. I hope you’ll keep us updated on her journey!

  4. Jiggy5 on said:

    The scholarship should go to Ms. Channa Lloyd, the articulate, strong, independent, black student intern on the defense team.

  5. Lois on said:

    Tom, thank you so much for what you are planning to do for Rachel Jeantel. I feel that she will succeed with your help and everyone’s support. She has a wonderful personality and is so brave and strong. I plan to send her an encouragement card via her attorney Rod Vareen.

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