Siohvaughn Wade, the mother of Dwyane Wade‘s sons, is suing the Miami Heat superstar for at least $1 million. She claims that she’s owed money from endorsements and other sources of income.

In fact, Siohvaughn Wade is not only suing her former husband, but his attorney, his financial adviser and companies with which she believes he has endorsement deals for allegedly refusing to uphold an agreement that required the money to placed in a joint bank account, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The suit alleges the ex-couple had a contract that required that all of the Miami Heat shooting guard’s income from endorsements and marketing contracts plus half of his July 2006 NBA contract income be deposited directly into a ‘mutual account.’

Instead, the lawsuit alleges, Wade and his agents and attorneys have made an ‘end run’ around the agreement by deciding ‘when and how much of those funds should be deposited into the mutually agreed upon account.’ Siohvaughn Wade complained in the lawsuit that she has been unable to pay her mortgage and insurance on her home and car.

Siohvaughn Wade and Dwyane Wade were childhood sweethearts and married in 2002. Dwyane Wade, filed for divorce from Siohvaugh in 2008, according to the lawsuit.

18 thoughts on “Baby Mama Drama: Siohvaughn Wade Takes Dwyane Wade to Court

    • What the hell are you your people talking about. You you all know what marriage is about. They made a comittment in front of God. They became one how dare you all say his money is his. He should have never got married to her. He should have been thinking about his future is he cheats and divorces his wife. Now you ignorant ass people expect her to just go hide under a rock. He should pat spousal support this is not some baby mother. This was his wife. He should put the money in an account…ha…ha.ha you all are ass holes. It amazes me how people let this obession with stars get in the way of what is morally right. People will praises the justice system for being right when it lets go of a murder of a 17 year old kid walking home for school. But then jump on how the system is wrong when a famous celeb has to pay spousal support. You all should be ashame of yourselves.

  1. Sajgif on said:

    It’s a shame but truth is he works hard for his money. She had her time with him where she was taken care of 100%. Now his only obligations and priorities are to his children. She should have been counting her blessings and taking care of her business while she had the chance. Because you never know what might happen in the future. She should have been working on an occupation or own business while married to carry forward and maintain her lifestyle if such thing should happen. His royalties should go into an account for his children.

  2. I understand both sides. I really do.

    But, I wish he would just take care of her. He must have loved her at some point. He married her, and gave her two children. Why not take care of the kid’s mother. It does not help the kids to have a stressed out mother. Buy her a nice home, car; pay her bills for God’s sake. He is very wealthy. He is not going to miss that money. If that does not work, give her a lump sum of money. Once, it is gone, it is gone.

    We have to think about the things we do right now and how they affect or could affect others in the future.

    But of course, I am not in her situation. I do not know “both” sides of the “whole” story. I also do not have children or a rich ex-husband.

    Bottom line, do what’s best for the children.

  3. Yolanda Hankston on said:

    I THINK that even they are divorced. He still needs to I think make sure that she is able to live comfortable, if he wanted. Out the marriage. It doesn’t matter! She has to be with the kids, while. He lives his life!! Shame on him! She didn’t. make those kids by herself!!

  4. E Augusta on said:

    Regardless what happened, the marriage is over. She needs to move on with her life, help raise her children and find happiness elsewhere.

  5. Siohvaughn downsize sweet heart. Sometimes our circumstances and plans change in life and so do people. The two of you are parents which will never change and the children should be the main focus now. You will be okay.

  6. DelicateVoice on said:

    Have you ever thought he just wanted to be happy and if he couldn’t be happy with her why be miserable for the rest of your life fame or no fame.

  7. I pray that Siohvaughn is made whole in this matter. It is a shame and disgrace the way Dwayne dump her. After all those years they were together, he wanted a more glamorous life style.

      • Heynow on said:

        Seems to me she knew he was going to make it in the NBA…read some of her earlier interviews in Chicago.

      • RENO2AC on said:

        She got what she deserved? Mistreated, cheated on? Really? He (finally) acknowledged that HE did do her dog dirty. They had been together since they were in their early teens, and her family took him in when his mother was “out there.” She did NOT deserve that, and yes, they both deserve to be happy. Therefore, if you have a legal agreement in place, just honor it.

    • Plz with the holier than thou crap! Where you involved in the marriage? Do you know what went on inside the marriage? She got what she deserved! Way to go D Wade!

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