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Sybrina Martin couldn’t listen to another word.

Overwhelmed with emotion, she walked out of the courtroom Tuesday while famed forensic pathologist Dr. Vincent Di Maio told the jury that he believes Trayvon Martin was on top of George Zimmerman when Zimmerman shot Trayvon, confirming  Zimmerman’s story that he was being beaten by Trayvon and was forced to shoot him in self-defense.

Di Maio’s testimony was too much for Sybrina, Trayvon’s mother, but it may have given the all-female, mostly-white jury something to think about in the final days of a dramatic murder trial where racial profiling is central to the case.

Reporters inside the courtroom said jurors were taking notes and paying close attention to Di Maio, one of the nation’s most respected forensic pathologists and gunshot experts who was hired by Zimmerman’s attorneys.

Di Maio said the pattern of powder burns on Martin’s sweatshirt and skin indicated that the shirt was two to four inches away from Martin’s chest when he was shot by Zimmerman.

“Mr. Martin was over him, leaning forward,” he said. “This is consistent with Mr. Zimmerman’s account that Mr. Martin was over him, leaning forward at the time he was shot.”

“Is this a hard call for you?” one of Zimmernan’s attorneys asked Di Maio.

“No,” Di Maio responded. “This is basic, you know, 101.”

Di Maio also told the jury that Zimmerman’s nose was broken and wounds in the back of Zimmerman’s head was consistent with being hit with great force and could have amounted to symptoms consistent with a concussion.

And there was another major development this week: Judge Debra Nelson ruled that jurors at Zimmerman’s trial may be told that Trayvon Martin had small amounts of marijuana in his body when he died.

Nelson denied a prosecution request to keep out parts of a toxicology report that shows Martin had slight amounts of marijuana in his system.

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11 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: Forensics Expert Trayvon Martin Was on Top of Zimmerman During Deadly Shooting

  1. Not Guilty…
    Grill sportin’
    Pot smokin’
    All up in a gated community…
    When confronted, behaved typically
    Beggin’ for it
    Following suit while lookin for loot.
    Foo got the boot and chose the hard way.

  2. hoodtechie on said:

    We need to stop and take a deep breath on this case.It’s o.k. for the prosecution to show evidence, witnesses and bring up G.Z.’s past, but when the defense brings up the same most blacks don’t see it as revelant.Now I see why there are no blacks on the jury, they are already biased against this man for murder regardless of the evidence & witnesses to bolster his story.There is no way this should be a murder conviction. Even though this man may have provoked the confrontation between him and TM, this man was fearful for his life and used any means necessary to save his life. Something anyone of us would have done the same.

      • And if Zimmerman is so “soft”, why do he carry a gun and hunted Trayvon when he was told to do not follow Trayvon? I also will say this, “I do not know no one who carries a gun who scream for help from an unarmed person even if the unarmed person is trying to fight”.

      • jhuff on said:

        According to GZ’s statemnts he got out to get a street location to give to 911 it was then he was
        aprouched by Tray. I carry a gun and would try any means first (including screeming out) to avoid using it.

    • Trayvon Martin: Prudent To Suspect The Worst

      The Trayvon Martin case, I believe, is really about the effects so-called Black Culture has had on the rest of society. In pretty much every city across this country in which there is a population of poor Blacks, violence and theft is rampant. And in those cities, the uneducated — pants falling off their behinds — teenagers have proven time after time to be the most dangerous beings walking the streets. In this day and age, it is not racist to suspect a Black teen in the wrong neighborhood of plotting to commit an act of violence or theft; it is prudent.

      Black people have trained the rest of society to look upon them as individuals not to be trusted. I was in the grocery store the other day, when in comes two Black teens. The store manager (White) immediately took notice, circling around to keep an eye on them. But before he could do anything about it, they had stolen several items from the shelf, and then proceeded to flee the scene with the stolen booty in hand, laughing all the way. What do you think that store manager do the next time similarly dressed Back teens enter his domain?

      In another situation, I had a conversation with a young man who had recently moved from Brooklyn, NY, to Baltimore. He told me that before he left Brooklyn, his friends in Baltimore warned; “If you move to this city, you will be a racist within a month after arriving here.” He argued against the notion telling his friends that he was used to living among ethnic people in Brooklyn, and that maybe they were over-reacting. He said it took less than a month to despise the Black teens that roam the streets of Baltimore at night, without so much as the slightest respect for others, and that they were rude, crude, loud and made no bones about being socially unacceptable. Oh, and his bike was stolen by a group of Black teens who surrounded him, threatening, and in another incident, he was mugged.

      Did George Zimmerman over-react, or was he just following the script taught to the rest of society by Blacks, which says you can’t trust a Black teen walking in neighborhoods where they don’t belong?

      • You are truly an ignorant, bigoted, racist, uneducated and hateful creature. I work with poor white teens who perpetrate the exact behaviors as you have addresses. They are addicted to all kinds of drugs and alcohol, have babies out of wedlock, murder, rape, steal, wear their “pants falling off their behinds” truant, drop outs, dirty, smelly, etc. The entire Viking behavior. So don’t try to portray Blacks as the only group of offenders because Whites act in the same despicable manner but the media fails to deliver reportage because it gives the world the false perception that Whites are superior. You should be ashamed to spread vitriol as you have so poorly done. I hope GZ rots in Hell along with you. He’s a murderer and has a malady of the heart. Despicable commentary.

      • Razil4u… Please! There is no comparison on the face of this earth that you can make to the destruction and ignorance displayed by Black people in the wonton destruction of each other. No other race of people in History, have committed more violent against each other than so-called Black people. In the last 3 weeks alone, in just two major cities, 90 Blacks shot, scores murdered and injured by Blacks. July 1st, 400 Black teens in the streets of North carolina, beating, stabbing, and trying to murdered each other. In the time it takes me to reply to your simple-minded attempt to insult me, 3 Blacks were just murdered by Blacks somewhere in this country. In the early 1900s, 95% 0f all Negroes murdered were killed by Whites, today 98 percent of Blacks murdered are killed by Blacks. This is the reality of the scary, violent, hateful, ignorance associated with Black Culture, which is simply the sympathetic embracement of White racist Ideology!

  3. Outkast on said:

    Is anyone else disturbed by the fact that GZ already has Trayvons Hoody framed for his wall???

    It better be for the wall in his prison cell — just sayin

  4. And the relevance? GZ STARTED/INSTIGATED/PROVOKED a fight with TM. TM was kicking GZs ass after which GZ pulled out a gun to tip the odds in his favor….This is clearly NOT self defense. Guilty of manslaugher, but GZ will be cleared of 2nd degree murder charges and set free.

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