Dwight Howard is now a Houston Rocket.  After weeks of confusion and indecisiveness and after a night of teetering and flip-flopping Big Dwight signed with the Rockets.

Meanwhile back in Los Angeles Kobe Bryant immediately unfollowed Dwight on Twitter.  And here is a secret recording of Kobe Bryant made right after Dwight Howard’s decision.  (Crying) I don’t need Shaq.  I don’t need Phil.  I don’t need Khloe’s husband, and I don’t need Dwight Howard.  I’m the Black Mamba.  I’m the Black Mamba.  I’M THE BLACK MAMBA!!

ABC announced that Nancy Grace will no longer be a contributor on Good Morning America.  Man, they’re even firing white women who look like Paula Deen.

Beyoncé’s daddy got remarried.  Mathew Knowles said I do to former model Gina Avrey, but I doubt Beyonce will ever call Gina mamma, especially since she already taught Blue Ivy to call her “That B-I”

Did you laugh? If so, check out Chris Paul’s Morning Minute every A.M. on the Tom Joyner Morning Show

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