In a fiery concurring opinion Monday, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said the University of Texas at Austin’s admissions policy amounted to discrimination and compared the school’s affirmative action program to slavery and segregation, reports the Huffington Post.

“Slaveholders argued that slavery was a ‘positive good’ that civilized blacks and elevated them in every dimension of life,” Thomas wrote in his separate opinion on Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin. “A century later, segregationists similarly asserted that segregation was not only benign, but good for black students.”

Thomas cited Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark 1954 Supreme Court case that led to the desegregation of public schools, in drawing a comparison between segregation and affirmative action.

“Following in these inauspicious footsteps, the University would have us believe that its discrimination is likewise benign. I think the lesson of history is clear enough: Racial discrimination is never benign,” he wrote in the 20-page opinion. “The University’s professed good intentions cannot excuse its outright racial discrimination any more than such intentions justified the now-denounced arguments of slaveholders and segregationists.”

UT-Austin’s admissions policy grants the top 10 percent of graduating Texas seniors a spot in the freshman class, and then fills out the class using a race-conscious system. Abigail Fisher, the plaintiff in the case, claims the policy constitutes racial preference.

Thomas said the policy hurts those black and Hispanic students who are admitted more than those who are not. “Although cloaked in good intentions, the University’s racial tinkering harms the very people it claims to be helping,” he wrote.

He also rejected the idea that racial diversity had any educational benefit. “As should be obvious, there is nothing ‘pressing’ or ‘necessary’ about obtaining whatever educational benefits may flow from racial diversity,” he wrote.

The only sitting African-American justice and a member of the court’s conservative wing, Thomas is the court’s most notable critic of race as a factor in college admissions.

(Photo: AP)

21 thoughts on “Clarence Thomas Compares Affirmative Action to Slavery

  1. jhuff on said:

    So this comment section is were Paula Deen learned to talk like that:) considering Obama’s done FAR more damage to blacks in this country than Clarance

  2. Our people donot want to hear what this person has to say on any issue concerning our people. How ever good or bad Clara keep it to yourself!

  3. SC Justice on said:

    Unfortunately Clarence Thomas represents the essence of white ultra conservatism, he should invest in skin bleaching to complete the delusional psychosis he calls a life. At some point he will have to atone for his actions, sadly no one will be interested and his pleas for forgiveness will justifiably fall on deaf ears. The gates of HELL await you Clarence Thomas, have a nice trip!

  4. You all refuse to listen to men like CT. You are pathetic, you always have been and you always will be because you listen to the wrong people, you choose the wrong leaders to follow. Blacks are far more pathetic today than ever before and you’re too stupid to do anything about it. That’s fine. You are inferior and despite attempts to provide you with free education, free food, free housing and free healthcare, you are unable to prosper. So instead of trying something new, like give CT a chance, you perpetuate failure. You will never, and I mean never prosper unless you make some changes in your mentality and start looking at other options. Whites do not fear blacks, you are intellectually inferior and you have no work ethic.

    • Who you trying to convince blacks or white, because right now you sound like the desperate insecure one. Here you have searched out a site for blacks to get on your soap box. They didn’t come looking for you. So if anyone’s pathetic it’s you maggot. Yeah maggot, white little parasite that feels more comfotable in warm sh(it). The warm shit represent your kind. No black has asked you for anything and you can’t do shit for them so why do you think they care what you think? You must be a meth addict trailer trash and no one on your site gives a damn about you either so you came here. Well hang out like the rest of your kind do because we really know how interesting blacks are to you. You wanna be just like them, it’s obvious and it’s okay.

      • I’m just sick of half of my paycheck being taxed to provide blacks with free everything and not seeing a result on my forced “investment.” You all need to get your head out of your a** and do something instead of mooching off of others. You want respect, then you and your brood should refuse to take money from whites who work and pay taxes. You want to be somebody, then be somebody and stop riding on the coat-tails of whites. How pathetic are you that you need whites to support you through government programs. Black unemployment rate increases to 13.5 percent in May 2013. You are fine with being supported by whites. You lack integrity, you lack intelligence and you lack self-respect. Do you think I would ever take money from blacks? NOPE, I would not… I have pride, I have a work ethic and I am cabable of supporting myself. I would grow a garden if I had to, buy some chickens or something before I let some one else support me. Blacks are a lost cause.

      • Wild: You wasted your time with the rant towards candy. I see this “candy” sir name on another blog all the time, and they spew hate there as well on any topic that comes up. I’m not sure but actually I think they’re a very young/immature black person that’s not very intelligent, isn’t happy with their life, and enjoys rhetoric. There are some very negative people in the world, and that will never change. Even though I commented to them above; the best policy is to ignore (not even respond to the madness)

    • candy: Perhaps I would half way take your comments seriously if you would have said (SOME) people are looking for “free” stuff, or if you said SOME black people are inferior to white people. Bottom line is I don’t take anyone seriously that lumps an entire group of people into a single scenario, or category.

    • joey on said:

      @ Candycoatedapple: It just amazes me how you can put us down, and there trying so hard to look like us..

      Dress like us! Get there butts big like ours,, Trying to speak like us, trying to Wear there hair like Ours, But we Have to Understand that THE white man Only understands One thing, Violence,and Money. IT has All come from him. he has been Crawling on All Fours for a very long time.

      Blacks have built this country. WE have also built the White house,, OH You didn’t know that! OH YES,,,it is a wonderful to finally know A black family is living there,, PRAISE GOD!!! YOu have a BLESSED DAY CANDYCOATED,,,,

  5. R Freeman. on said:

    Good article! The only thing Clarence Thomas knows about slavery is this…. he’s that slave that would sell out his own people. Clarence Thomas is the slave we’ve read about who would go tell “massuh” that some slaves were planning to fight for their freedom. Clarence Thomas is the “house” negro who would use his authority to harrass blacks. Remember Anita Hill? Remember how he low-rated his own mother and sister?

  6. Robert Wise on said:

    what an ignorant man, his head is so far up the white establishment ass if they move his neck will snap, stand up sir and get off your knees open your eyes when the time comes, they will not save you, YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to them.

  7. Unfortunately Supreme Court appointments are just that, appointments. We have no way of getting ride of this ignorant judge unless he chooses to retire or passes away because these are life time positions, no votes needed.
    However, he should do everyone in the minority communities a favor and just shut up. No good can come from anything this guy has to say…

  8. Is the old saying, Don’t say a thing and keep them guessing, but don’t open your mouth and remove all doubt. This is true with Clarence Thomas! He never says a thing but when he does, you see how stupid and misguided he really is! One who profited the most of this initiative is now comparing it to slavery. Ner_ro, Please Keep your mouth shut!

  9. joey on said:

    @ Deb I have to say well said well written, I will never understand THis black man who got his seat because of Affirmative action. He has Always/ been a Snake,, he is working for Satan,

    I have never had Respect for someone who tells us that Affirmative action is like Salvery HOw dare he. He is truly a lost man. I wish THey would vote his Black Azz off of that seat. Sometimes Black people with Power can really make it bad for other black’s he hates His-self. Bottom line his UGLy-ness he Hates it( that is the bottom line),,

  10. Clarence Thomas is an idiot. I am so sick of his generation, particularly black men, attacking affirmative action. That’s how and why they have the place in history they have today. That’s how their educations were earned. Through blood shed for equal rights. Take affirmative action away and all that blood sweat and tears is for nothing. The truth is that most of the racist in this country would love to practice racism, but the laws prohibit that. Fortunately for us (blacks today) our fore-leaders, like Martin Luther King saw that blacks were held down by the laws against them, therefore, they fought for laws that work for us. That ignorant idiot. How can we get that stupid Uncle Tom off the supreme court. I wish he would go somewhere and f his ugly white wife.

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