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When it comes to pairing wine and food together, it’s easy to get confused about which flavor goes with which meal. Personally, I am a white wine drinker–Pinot Grigio, Riesling or Prosecco are some of my favorites. While I do enjoy a nice glass of wine at happy hour, I prefer to pair my wine with food. However, I do get a bit intimidated when I try to make sure I use the right wine with the right cuisine.

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Check out three basic pairings that every woman should know when entertaining or going out to dinner!

Sparkling & Prosecco– Seafood


Sparkling and Prosecco wines are known as palate cleansers. Because of this refreshing characteristic, these bubbly beverages go hand in hand with seafood dishes. Some seafood dishes can have an overbearing taste and aroma, which can be cut down and enjoyed to its fullest when paired with a sparkling wine.

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