We’ve been celebrating Black Music Month with exceptional artists from all America and overseas, but nothing we’ve seen has prepared us for the talent of the man you are about to experience.

Travis Pratt is a resident of Tifton, Georgia and they should be proud.  He performed for the judges on the NBC show America’s Got Talent and they were visibly blown away…as were we.  The man is there to sing, but what comes out of his mouth was the most unexpected treat we’re sure they had never heard before.

The judges responses were:

Howard Stern:  This is the most outrageous audition I have ever seen.  And I mean this in the kindest way, sir, you are a freak, but I mean it like in a good way!

Heidi Klum: You have an amazing voice.

Mel B: It was perfection.

Pratt dedicated his performance to his girlfriend.  He said she put him up to it and he would’ve never done it without her.  So Howie Mandel invited her to the stage where Pratt asked her the ultimate question.

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10 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent Judges Shocked with Most Unexpected Amazing Talent Ever! (Video)

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  4. PinkPoodle on said:

    The Judges voted him on to Vegas; however, they are going to tear him down if he doesn’t have a repertoire of songs to perform. I’m thinking he has only that one, his girl friend’s favorite. He’s good but won’t make it to the finals which would be ashame.

  5. When I first was waiting to here Travis sing, I immediately went into thinking that he was going to sing some r and b, but what came out of his mouth, was just beautiful, and a voice that very few people are gifted with, and the audience knew that. Travis will go very far, wow what a voice.

  6. What an amazingly beautiful voice and what a cute couple. Asking her to marry him on stage like that, very sweet and her encouraging him to share his voice with the world, awesome. What a nice way to start the Father’s day weekend. Thanks BAW and Tom Joyner… Peace and Blessing to you all…

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