Roland Martin talks with TV legal analyst Midwin Charles about the latest happenings in the George Zimmerman trial including details about the jury selection process.

Plus, Charles gives her two cents on a judge’s decision to give former NFL player Chad Johnson thirty days in jail.

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4 thoughts on “There’s a Very Small Chance a Black Person Ends Up on the Zimmerman Jury- MIDWIN CHARLES

  1. I agree – what happened to Trayvon was terrible – but that is not the big issue with murders in KC and Chicago – it’s Black on Black. Now if you can resolve this the homicide rate will go down around 95%.

  2. I agree with the perspective juror that said he’s concerned because no one is marching about the 47 black males that are killed everyday. Where’s the outrage regarding that; especially all the killings in Chicago?

    • Where’s your outrage? Oh yeah posts your thoughts on BAW…and wait for someone to take the lead why you sit aside and complain. REAL PROGRESS!

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