Ain’t this something? President Obama‘s brother, Malik Abongo Obama, is selling two of Obama’s handwritten notes through a collector based in the United States, according to the NY Post.

The notes say, “Thanks for your prayers and support” and are signed “B.O.”, and Malik is selling them for a smooth $15,000. The collector, Gary Zimet of, was surprised Malik was even going to hand the letters over.

“I wrote to Malik and didn’t know if I would get a response. I was astonished when I did. I sent a letter to a post office box in Kenya. I asked him if he had any letters from his brother. I didn’t expect to hear from him ever, but he wrote back and said, ‘I have two letters.’ These letters show great interest on the president’s part in his family, they are priced at $15,000 each. We didn’t go too much into Malik’s relationship with his half-brother, I got a sense it was cordial but not overly warm.”

Malik has had his share of taking things that didn’t necessarily belong to him in order to turn a profit. He was accused over fraud for the Barack H. Obama Foundation saying that the charity was a nonprofit when it wasn’t at the time.

Do you think Malik should be selling the notes?

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