This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

Beyoncé got a sneak attack from the back.  While performing in Denmark Mrs. Jay Z had some dude in the audience smack her butt.  Oh, he tagged it too.  He slapped that big, round, brown, juicy, thick, perfect diary on booty.  But Beyoncé turned around and told him straight up she would have him thrown out.  Then she kept performing.  But right now that dude’s hand is on eBay at $500.  At least that was the price when I last bid on it.

Former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson confronted his neighbor Justin Bieber about Justin’s constant speeding through their community.  Witnesses say Keyshawn was furious and Justin Beiber ran away like a scared rabbit.  So what should Keyshawn do about Justin Bieber?  Should he call the police?  (NO!) Well, then what should he do?  (BEAT HIS ASS!)  Keyshawn, the people have spoken.

Singer Miguel let loose a rant on Twitter saying “black people are the most judgmental people in the world.”  You know, Miguel, you’re right.  We as black people are often times too judgmental.  We need to respect one another’s right to walk their own chosen path.  With that said if you’re a brother trying to cross across two stages and you crash and smash your cashews in some white girl’s face, oh, you will be judged.

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One thought on “The Guy Who Slapped Beyonce’s Booty is the MAN! MORNING MINUTE

  1. Buckwheats Momma on said:

    Bey should have kicked him in his face!
    Who is this jerk who thinks he can touch a woman without her consent?
    She truly restrained herself.

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