In an attempt to prove his innocence, George Zimmerman’s attorneys are now challenging the science of state voice recognition experts.

In a new motion, defense attorney Mark O’Mara wrote that those unnamed experts may be using phony science, so the judge should hold a hearing, listen to evidence about how they did their work, then decide whether to allow them to testify at Zimmerman’s trial, says the Orlando Sentinel.

In question is the 911 call made on Feb. 26 last year, the night Trayvon Martin was killed after being shot by then neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman.

A neighbor had called police to report a fight outside. During her call, a voice in the background can be heard crying for help then 40 seconds later, there’s a loud bang – the gunshot – and the crying stops.

That piece of evidence will be one of the most important at Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial, slated to begin in Sanford June 10.

Zimmerman told police he was the one screaming for help, that Trayvon had punched him, breaking his nose and knocking him to the ground, then climbed on top and began hammering his head on a sidewalk.

Trayvon’s parents say the screams were from their son, although, his father initially told Sanford police they were not.

2 thoughts on “George Zimmerman’s Lawyers Question 911 Call Voice Recognition

  1. marshall on said:

    10 to 1, an ALL WHITE JURY will find Zimmerman not guilty…Florida is a Southern State. This case is ALL about the JURORS.

  2. Debbie on said:

    I am still trying to figure out why this dude is still alive? If he was one of us, he would be dead by now. Sad!!!

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