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Mother’s day weekend is here and all the kids from all over the world have made cards, are buying flowers with Dad, and going through their fifth speech on how they better not act up on Sunday.

But in case your kid needs a little help with expressing everything they want to say to Mom, Kid President has put together a message they can use.

As usual, Kid President puts everything in perspective and says everything  we need to hear…from a kid’s perspective.

In his message, he gives Mom 10 things every Mom needs to know starting with…“Put down your phone…unless your kid is named ‘Phone.’ ”

The wisdom of Kid President is seemingly endless!  He follows that statement with his #2 item on the list:

   “Don’t name your kid, Phone!”

He also points out that mother’s should realize that when their kid is screaming and crying, they just don’t know how to express themselves and what they’re really saying is,

    “I love you, Mom. You’re beautiful. Thank you for not naming me, Phone.”

Lower on the list is #8, but while it’s far down on the list, his items are obviously not in order by importance.

  “Have fun for once! We want to see you have fun.  Dance in the grocery store. ‘Uhhnhuh! I’m buying all this stuuuuuuff!”

So kids listen up! Make sure you pull your moms to a computer and let them enjoy this open letter from Kid President on Mother’s Day.  She will be entertained and informed.   HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, MOMS!

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