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Octavia Spencer is 20 pounds lighter and looking more fabulous than ever!

The Oscar Award-winning actress shows off her new slim figure in a promotional video for Sensa, a powder-like dieting product that is sprinkled on food to decrease appetite and make you feel full faster.

Spencer is the new spokesperson for the brand and she said she decided to try it out because her “weight has always been a struggle” for her.

“If you tell me I can’t eat something, I’ll obsess over it and end up overeating!” she reveals. “So whenever I would try to lose weight on one of those restrictive diets, I would just end up gaining the weight right back.”

The Help actress went on to say she’s enjoying her new healthier lifestyle however she doesn’t plan on going too extreme with her editing efforts.

“I know I’m never going to be one of those size 2 actresses — that’s just not me,” she says “But I do want to be the healthiest I can be, and a role model to women of all shapes and sizes.”

Check out her transformation in the video clip below!

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