If you missed the jams on the show this morning, no worries. We got you covered. Start your weekend off right with the five jams heard on Friday’s “The Tom Joyner Morning Show”.

“Love on Top”- Beyonce

“Poison”- Bell Biv Devoe


“Super Freak”- Rick James

“Can’t Touch This”-McHammer

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One thought on “It’s the Weekend! Now Act Like It!

  1. Hey Y’all!

    I just LOVE the little girl who promotes this year’s fantastic voyage, as she just sounds so cute. However, I have a problem with the end of the ad when she says, “And my mom says they’ll even work with you on the payment plan, so there’s no reason for you not come.”
    Yes, you guessed it!: The pathetic-hater in me is mad that I cannot come with you guys because ain’t no way in thee world I can afford any type of payment plan.
    Anyway, we miss you guys and are enjoying all the pictures you post. Keep having safe fun! See ya when ya return!

    PS. The Replacements are doing an EXCELLENT job! Good thing you knew who to put in charge!


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