Angela Davis is more than a Communist Party leader and activist, she’s a movement. During the emergence of the Black Panther Party, a young Angela decided, “This is earth-shaking. This is change and I want to be a part of that.” And she was. During the 1960’s, Davis’ life was spent fighting for and defending forgotten groups in America and in the world. It was her arrest in 1970 as a result of her involvement in the kidnappings and murders during Jonathan Jackson’s attempt to free the imprisoned Soledad Brothers that made her a household name.

Now, over 40 years later, Angela’s story is being told for the masses, by way of a powerful documentary named, “Free Angela And All Political Prisoners.” Written and directed by Shola Lynch, “Free Angela” will show the triumphs and obvious tribulations of Angela Davis’ life. Despite her struggle for freedom, Angela’s connection to Black Power is more than just rocking an afro, donning all black and “sticking it to the man;” it’s battle, for dignity.

“Do you know what Black Power means? Black Power means dignity.”

“Free Angela” hits select AMC Theaters on April 5th and is being executive produced by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment.

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3 thoughts on “Jay-Z & Jada Pinkett Team Up To Shed Light On Revolutionary Woman In ‘Free Angela'[EXCLUSIVE]

  1. why did jay-z, and jada pickett have to take over this movie couldn’t have been somebody else besides these elite fakes, don’t care about nothing but making money they wasn’t even born when Angela davis was going through her trials and tribulations, and what do they know about Black power
    they don’t know nothing about black power and no other kind of power but the power of money,,
    I’m very dissipointed ……YUCK

    • rochelle on said:

      Wow what does your feelings about these individuals have to do with them bringing this to the masses. With bigger names and money come bigger interest. and isn’t that the point to bring this to many not just a few. I wasn’t alive during the era either but does that mean I can’t understand the struggle. You really should focus on the good this will do and less on who is bringing it to you. Money is power and why shouldn’t people with it do something other than buy jewelry.

      • Yes Rochelle money is power but that is what everybody wants,. its just Jay-z is not really a role model to be doing anything like this, plus he has enough of it, its not like he needs anymore, this man wants a new world Order. and Jada is part of an elite group that does not include any of us.
        This is my opinion.well I was already born at that time. Jay-z has his hands in to many things, have you noticed that. just that them two together it could have been someone who is a real producer like
        Gina-Prince who produced love and basketball, somebody who will make it real. its about making it real not making money. and bring it to the masses. Please they will not do a good job on this. bottom line jay-z does not even know anything about struggle or jada. he sold drugs to make his money.
        so yes money will be our downfall ……Money is not everything.

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