Spring is here and this is the perfect time to upgrade your hair hue! Well, let Idalias Salon‘s Head Stylist Darlene explain the steps of prepping your hair the RIGHT WAY for such a drastic change.

  • Leave it to the professionals. Hair dye is a chemical, and if not used correctly it can permanently damage your scalp and cause breakage, plus unwanted colors such as green.
  • If your hair is or was colored black or another dark color during the winter months STOP DYING OR RINSING IT NOW. It’s impossible to go from black to blonde in a month without damage. This is a process that takes time and a few visits to your stylist for proper treatments with a soap cap to remove all or most of the black rinses from your hair.
  • Only use shampoos and conditioners specifically made for color treated hair. Brands such as Wella have protein and moisturizer treatments which are necessary to create soft and supple hair. This is key to avoiding breakage after coloring.
  • Baby steps are important for best results. First dye should be a shade of brown, next step a few weeks later should be an auburn or a copper hue. If you’re daring enough to go all the way, blonde can be the final color after another month for a bright change perfect for the summer.

Be sure to visit Idalias Salon, and let some of the best stylists in the city work magic on your mane!

Originally seen on HelloBeautiful.com 

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