Lashinna Burger pleaded for the court to keep her ex-boyfriend alive.

Sounds reasonable right?

Except, her ex-boyfriend is currently in prison for beating their then 2-year-old son, Elijah Burger, to death with a hairbrush, toothbrush, and belt back in 2009.

According to NBC Charlotte, Burger says she has made peace with her son’s killer, Andre Hampton.

She told the court, “I want him to live. He needs to get himself together,” adding, “He needs to seek God so when he passes away, maybe he’ll still reach others, that’s why I want him to live, to get himself together with God.”

The North Carolina woman has turned to God since her son’s death, saying, “I’m a Christian now, so I feel like if I was to tell them to put him to death, I’m judging him and I have no right to judge him no matter what he did.”

Reportedly, 27-year-old Hampton beat the young child regularly. This last deadly assault occurred because Elijah would not finish his soup, Hampton admitted to investigators.

Hampton was convicted of murder by torture and felony abuse. He is facing life in prison or death.

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6 thoughts on “NC Mom Forgives Ex-Boyfriend for Beating their Son to Death

  1. she needs to get some help, she was laughing and grinning, she needs to be locked up too.
    she sounds like a dam fool. I would want him to die yes, his punishment should be just like he gave his son.

  2. why do these women let there boyfriends take care of there children, why do they let them beat them, and abuse them. what kind of mother’s our these? forgiveness yes is a process, and forgiveness does mean reconcilation this man killed her 2yr old son beat him to death. why does she want him to stay alive. what about her son does she think about him ,, these women always thinking about some damm man, how does she feel now that her son is dead. Its just silly azz women trying to keep some thuggish azz man in there lives knowing they don’t even know these men that they bring home. bringing strangers home to be around there children causes division among family members. I feel very hurt that this woman is still thinking about this man. what a silly women.

  3. blacknote on said:

    It’s great that she’s forgiven this man for killing her son and wants to give help in sparing his life. However, just like his incarceration, his execution will be a consequence for his crime. There’s no need for her to feel guilty if he’s ultimately executed.

  4. Serpentine on said:

    Death! That little boy had only begun to live. He had no one else but his mother, and didn’t ask to be here. It was his mother who had the responsibility to make sure no harm came to him, and now that he’s gone, it’s her responsibility to seek justice for his senseless death. She forgives Hampton because she wants him to get himself together with God. That’s just wishful thinking. This man has no remorse…he beat this baby on the regular (I mean tortured), and she knew it. Now, she’s a Christian, but wasn’t when she was allowing that monster to abuse her little boy. She’s trying to ease her guilt. A heavy burden she’ll carry for the rest of her life and deservingly so. Let justice run its course. While on this earth, Hampton deserves man’s justice even if the mother doesn’t agree. She can still forgive him, but he has to die. If the parent doesn’t speak on behalf of the dead child, who will? I’ll never understand how a woman or man can side with the person that took their child’s life. Never.

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