Bobby Brown is a terrible father.

It may be too late for Brown to grow up, turn his life around, and be the father that his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, seriously deserves.

Perhaps I’m expecting too much of Bobby Brown, former husband of Whitney Houston, drug user and alcoholic. But if Brown has any dignity left and love for Bobbi Kristina, he’ll use his time in jail over the next eight weeks to re-evaluate his relationship with his daughter and reflect on his own life and emerge from behind bars as a devoted father.

He’s got nothing but time.

Brown was recently arrested for DUI – his third DUI arrest – and given 55 days in jail and four years probation. He has until March 29 to turn himself in to authorities and he must also complete an 18-month alcohol treatment program.

He was charged in October with DUI and driving on a suspended license because Brown’s license had been suspended as a result of his previous DUI conviction in 2012.

What a knucklehead. Brown was driving drunk and with a suspended license. What did he think would happen?

Bobby Brown will never be a role model for black men. And as disgusted as I am with Brown, I’m still rooting for him. Why? Because I don’t want Bobbi Kristina to travel down the same toxic path as her parents — although she’s already exhibiting some troubling behavior.

Last month, Bobbi Kristina was spotted in Atlanta walking with a friend and passing what appeared to be marijuana joint. Friends of Bobbi Kristina are reportedly worried that she’s relying on drugs to cope with her mother’s death. Whitney Houston died last year after taking drugs and drinking alcohol.

Bobbi Kristina Brown is also boycotting her grandmother’s tell-all book. Cissy Houston has written “Remembering Whitney,” a book about her daughter and says it’s an honest look at Whitney Houston’s life. But Bobbi Kristina says the book is “disrespectful” and has asked her fans not to read.

Meanwhile, her father, Bobby, is 44 years old and is no closer today to becoming a rational adult than he was five years ago.

If Bobby Brown is searching for a role model, he only needs to look to President Barack Obama, a father of two daughters who takes his responsibility as a black father seriously.

“He goes home for dinner every night; he is a present and involved father,” Valerie Jarrett, a White House Senior Adviser, said in an interview. Or Brown could listen to stories about “real fathers” on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.”

Perhaps what Bobbi Kristina really needs is some distance between Brown and his destructive behavior, which, sadly, seems to be a family trend. Bobbi Kristina needs help – the kind of help a real father could provide. Unfortunately, her father, Bobby Brown, is an addict and needs help, too.

I don’t know what the future holds for Bobby and Kristina, but I do believe that Bobbi Kristina could have a chance at a normal life if only her father would just learn to grow up and be a responsible man.

I’m hopeful – but I’m not holding my breath.

33 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Bobby Brown: Worst Father Ever?

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  3. Terrance johnson on said:

    Who gives a fuck about him or his daughter…..bunch of stupid idol worshippers…worry about your own lives.Neither him or that ugly little girl give a damn about nare one of you fools.

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  5. Journalism at it’s worst! Why would anyone write an article so obviously flawed? This was not worth reading and again I question the motive. Michael Cottman: Worst Journalist Ever!

  6. tcold on said:

    I don’t think Bobby should receive all the blame for what has happen to Whitney. Seems like the only person to blame is Bobby, because he the only one left. As much as we all love Whitney but she was an adult just like Bobby all those years they were using drugs and over indulging in alcohol. I think Bobbi Kristi was drinking and behaving in this manner while her mother was alive. I think people don’t want to face the fact that they both were responsible for there daughter’s behavior. I think there daughter has to take responsibility for her life right now before its to late.

    • queenb00 on said:

      The father and daughter are both in need of intervention but it appears there is no one to do this. Family members are into their own thing. Is there no one to get the help they need. The blame game this writer is instigating does not help the cause. Whitney made her own bed and you can not blame Bobby for her downfall.

  7. Cynthia Lee on said:

    I agree totally that Bobby Brown needs to get himself together, but why does Lindsey Lohan get away with so much worst, over, over and over again. Something’s never change in in 2013…..

  8. Let's be real! on said:

    Bobby may have his problems, but I doubt he is the worst father. He seems to make an effort to be there for his kids.

    I’m sure Bobbi Kristina saw more than most kids should see. But she’s an adult now. She has to be accountable for her own choices.

  9. Bobby is a great father who married an addict and stayed with her for 14 years. He hid Whitney’s secrets and maintained her honor by not telling anyone her brother Michael turned her out on drugs in the 80s before she met Bobby Brown. We all have problems. I believe Bobby will take responsibility. Cissy Houston doesn’t care. In her book, she loved John Houston and her sons, while she struggled to have a relationship with a daughter who was an incessant drug abuser, care of her own sons. You need to re-title this story and start over again. Articles like this certainly aren’t going to help Bobbi Kriss. She needs to stay away from Cissy selling books not even a year after Whitney Houston died. Michael, her son sold the funeral pics; and Gary and Pat tried that “bunk” TV show to sell poor Bobbi Kriss. Bobby never tried to make money off of his daughter.

  10. angietangie on said:

    Bobbi kris grew up around drugs and alcohol. Whitney and bobby let that girl see and hear a lot of things that she shouldn’t have been seeing, hearing or around. Whitney and bobby was so busy getting high that they ignored the fact that their daughter could grow up doing the same shit. There she is doing the same shit she seen, was around and her parents let her do. It seems to me there is no one around to guide bobbi k. If i was her grandmother or a close relative she wouldnt touch a dime of that money until she get her act together. she need to be in college trying to get a degree or something, but she is only doing what she knows best. getting high. Bobby is not the worst father in the world, he aint the best either. but you got to give bobby credit for taking care and being in his other childrens’ lives. I think whitney’s mom need to stand up and take charge of her granddaughter, i understand she is mourning but damn get over it mommy! your granddaughter need you. It seems to me that they are scared of bobby k or something to not get involved in her life, she has uncles, pat and a father. and no one could help her or at least try? bullcrap! i know that a person that dont want help is a person who cant help themselves, but as long as bobby k dont give a damn about other people and no one is stepping in to help her she is going to continue to get high and run through that money like water, also, yeah she grieving, hell i lost my mom too and i think of her every day, but if you dont have family and sober friends around to give support then you’re screwed. I just hope bobbi k get the help she needs. Like the other person said bobbi k got enough money to get the help she needs to help her with her grief and her drug problems. Unitl somebody step in and save her she might lose the same way her mom did. Bobby get it together so you can show your daughter the tough love she need. she’ll thank you in the long run………..

  11. Trfisher on said:

    The fous should not just be on Bobbi Kristina, but Bobby Brown should want to be a better father and role model to all his chridren!

  12. I have to say, your article did not support your opening statement as to why Bobby Brown is a terrible father. You list mistakes that Bobby Brown has made in his life, sure…but you do not list mistakes that he has made as a father to his kids. Now – B Brown does not get a pass from me…not at all. But to call him out like you did – at least give some reasons why he is the worst father ever, and not just list his own personal mistakes (which are plenty, no doubt).

  13. Okay, I had to read this article not once but twice. Really? First and foremost Mr. Cottman Bobby Brown has several other children that seem to be doing quite well as adults. He also has a minor sun that is substantially younger than his adult daughter from his former marriage to the late Whitney Houston. You seem to concentrate or shall I say speculate on the relationship that Mr. Brown has with his daughter Bobbi Kristina. Bobby Brown has a disease and it is called alcoholism. Instead of blasting him for what you perceived is poor fathering, perhaps you should pray for his recovery and that he has strength to continue to battle the disease.

    Lastly, you blast Bobby Brown for being a bad father and the speculated issues of Bobbi Kristina. However, you must not know that prior to Whitney’s death Bobby Brown and Whitney separated in 2006 and then divorce a year later. At that time, Bobbi Kristina was no more than 12 or 13, and she was living with her mother Whitney (who was a chronic drug user) and uncles who both suffered from addiction issues. As you well know, it often takes a village to raise a child, and in this village she had many flawed caregivers, not just Bobby Brown. What mother you know parties with her 17 year-old daughter in a nightclub … Whitney! I never saw a photo with bobby and Bobbi Kristina or any of his children in a club. Who overdoses on cocaine and amphetamines in a hotel, when their daughter is downstairs … Whitney! I have not heard one time since Whitney’s death how the family that Bobbi Kristina chose to surround her with encourage her to perhaps go back to school and college and get a degree, instead of pursuing fame or a talent that she does not possess. So if you want to castigate Bobby Brown for being a bad father and for Bobbi Kris’ alleged maladies then perhaps you need to add a footnote to it— advising everyone that you are writing the article from a selective memory standpoint.

  14. This article is cruel and unnecessary. What really upsets me is at times we do very little to encourage our troubled brothers that are in entertainment. We kick them when they are down. By no means is Bobby Brown perfect but to actually sit down to pen something calling him the worst father ever is ridiculous. The worst EVER? I agree with one of the above comments that this commentary is thoughtless and biased. It was also lazy and I really hope that Black America Web starts to do better.

  15. Valerie Lunsford-Winbush on said:

    No one knows if Bobbi Kristini was abusing drugs and alcohol prior to her mother’s passing, so I am not of the opinion that these habits started after her mother died. She did grow up in that environment. As for her father, they seem to have a non-existent relationship, which was the case prior to her mother’s death. How is he impacting her life if he’s not a part of it? Bobbi Kristini is definitely headed down the wrong path, and I do hope she gets herself together.

  16. vavickers on said:

    While I do not condone Bobby’s paternal behavior, Whitney was not the best role model either! It takes two parents (if they are together) to raise a child.

  17. What about Bobbi Kristina!! I’m tired of hearing about her. Kids no right from wrong by the time they 13. She was a privileged spoiled lil brat and she still is! They always talk about her because she is Whitney’s daughter. He has 4 other kids too LaPrincia, Landon, Bobby Jr., Cassius Brown! They don’t have anything negative to say about him. Bobbi Kristina don’t even get a long with her grandmother Cissy. There are way worst fathers than Bobby Brown that actually did not grow up in there kids lives. He did!!

  18. I totally agree with this opinion. Although Bobby Brown did not introduce Whitney to drugs, he did not present himself as a positive thinking husband, and role model to his daughter. I was against his marriage to Whitney from the start, because I feared that he would bring her down. I did not expect to see Whitney die like she did. Bobby Brown is a buffoon. You would think that after all this time, he would have realized his mistakes and tried to correct them. I don’t think that he will ever change until he is six feet under, as well. As for Bobbie Kristina, she is that lost child, trying to be grown without any guidance. I pray for them both.

  19. Oh give me break. Bobby is not the worst father ever no more than when some people wanted to say the Jacksons are the most dyfuntional family. Bobby may have issues but he is NOT worst. If Bobby is anyone worst, that means someone needs to get up from the tv and get into the real world and stop living life through people on tv.

  20. msstarr82 on said:

    bobby is ABSOLUTELY no worse as a father than whitney was as a mother and kristina is as a daughter!! it seems to me that the entire houston clan is a problem and bobby fit right in.

  21. What qualifies Bobby Brown to be considered “the worst father ever?” Did he abandon his pregnant wife or girlfriend to never be seen again and not lend any type of support as some men have done? Did he sexually or physically abuse his child to the point of homicide as some men have done? Did he force his child into prostitution, child labor and other illegal acts? The author needs to have a good concept and knowledge of what it really means to be the “worst father” before that judgmental label is attached to any man. Bobby Brown may not have been a good or best father but he certainly was/is not anywhere near the worst.

    • I agree with you Sacalion on many levels, there was a father in detroit who went to his daugther’s daycare and shot five women and killed his child so he would’t have to pay child support. I’m not giving bobby a pass. but there are times when None of these father’s ever came forth to claim there children.bobby has always shown that he loves and cares for his children he never denied any of his children. he has always let them know who he was in there life, inspite of his disease and his shortcomings. bobby Kris, has enough money to get help for herself. she has access to therapy/counseling/grief counseling. but she has to want to get help I believe that every child should know there father/or dad. and every young woman needs a male role model in there lives. its very important/ but bobby has a disease and until he can get that under control I believe he will be a better father/dad to his children and his family. so lets just continue to pray for bobby and her dad
      that they will somehow work things out one day. Hoping and praying.

  22. This has to to be one of the most biased, thoughtless commentaries I’ve read. I am not defending Bobby Brown but he is caught in a disease of addiction. To say that he’s the worst father ever because of how his daughter turned out is ignoring that Whitney and everybody else in that child’s life had as much influence on her as Bobby but nobody’s yelling Whitney was the worst mother ever even though her actions were just as questionable as Bobby’s.

    To say that Bobbi Kristina “could have a chance at a normal life if only her father would just learn to grow up and be a responsible man” is ignoring the fact that she is an adult now and she has access to therapy, rehab, counseling, spiritual help, and many other interventions so her chances at a “normal life” is in her own hands…not Bobby’s.

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