When my daughter left to take a flight from Reagan National Airport to go back to her Berkeley home, I gave her a big hug.

Now I want to get out to Berkeley – like ASAP, like yesterday – to give my baby girl another hug. For being a wonderful daughter.

For giving me three loving, brilliant grandkids and the best son-in-law in the world.

And she’ll get that hug, a kiss and praises from dad for being the complete opposite of that New York corrections officer that faces prison time for sexing up not one, but two male inmates. Have you heard about this piece of work?

Since we’re only 13 years into this century, she might not qualify for a “Skank of the Century Award” just yet. But it’s not for lack of effort.

Her name has been given in news reports, but why embarrass this poor child further? She’s 29 years old and could get 15 years for having sexual relationships with inmates.

One of the inmates she’s accused of having sex with is named Ronell Wilson, who’s on New York’s death row for murdering two undercover detectives 10 years ago in a gun buy-and-bust that went WAY south.

There is a piece de resistance to this tale: the corrections officer is eight months pregnant; prison officials suspect Ronell is the daddy.

Some news stories have run Ronell’s picture, further shaming the corrections officer.

“Damn!” I shouted when I saw Wilson’s photo. “Girlfriend, you gave it up to HIM?! Were you at least wearing a blind fold?”

According to news reports, prison officials and prosecutors learned of the corrections officer’s indiscretions from other inmates. What the corrections officer allegedly told those inmates was revealed in court documents.

“I just basically got wrapped up in something that I should have not got wrapped up (in), getting myself up with someone that is so high profile that when he farts he makes news,” the clueless C.O. told inmate lover number two, the one not named Ronell.

“I can’t explain it. I know what’s to come. I know what is going to be said about me. I know that for me as a parent, how am I going to explain this to this little boy? Mommy was in the military. Mommy was a C.O. Mommy got wrapped up in…So how do you explain that?”

Oh, how indeed. Did girlfriend learn her values about love and sex by watching too many rap videos when she was growing up? Or pop or rock videos, for that matter?

Women that do things like this absolutely baffle me. They become corrections officers presumably to work at a good job that will allow them to make a fairly decent living.

Then they get involved in sexual relationships with prison inmates. (Two female corrections officers in Maryland have been accused of having sexual relationships with members of the Black Guerilla Family prison gang.)

The upside of a female corrections officer having a sexual relationship with a Ronell Wilson or a BGF member would be what, exactly?

I keep telling myself that girlfriend will deny all, that she’ll say the inmates are lying and that her baby’s daddy is a law-abiding guy with a good job who lives in Poughkeepsie.

Maybe her lawyer will tell us, I keep hoping, that the charges are all hogwash. Girlfriend’s lawyer is Anthony Ricco, and here’s what he said, according to the Web site www.ksdk.com:

“People find love in the strangest places, and people get together in the most difficult circumstances. We live in a society where these things happen. These types of cases are unusual, but they’re not uncommon.”


I’m sorry, but does it sound like Ricco had girlfriend’s back on this one? Memo to Ricco: if this is the best you can do, don’t help this poor woman.

It doesn’t bode well when your mouthpiece all but proclaims your guilt. The best girlfriend can hope for is that the judge might be lenient and just sentence her to community service and a lengthy probation period.

I don’t know what kind of community service girlfriend will do, but don’t you have a hunch that counseling adolescent and teen girls about the value of chastity will be WAY off the table?

(Photo: AP)

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4 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Correction Officer Having Sex With Inmates is Still a Bad Idea

  1. people say ronell is ugly, if thats him in the picture he is fiiiiiine!!! i wouldve had sex with him also and wouldnt have been embarrassed. what was she embarrassed for? adults have sex, so there is no reason she should be embarrassed. all i can say is you go girl. have sex with that fine ass hoe ronell! he the one that should be embarrassed

  2. uptil I saw the bank draft 4 $9574, I be certain …that…my father in law was trully taking home money part-time on their apple laptop.. there friend brother had bean doing this 4 only about 10 months and as of now repaid the morgage on their appartment and bought Mitsubishi Evo. I went here,

  3. This doesn’t surprise me in the least (actually I wonder why people would be). There are many in our society that is simply eaten-up with lust. The who, what or where doesn’t matter when it comes to pleasures of the flesh. All the years of documented indiscretion through reality TV, movies, and internet has left many callous and shameless about sexual activities (and other social matters). We are just eaten-up with what feels good, looks good, taste good, smells good and what sounds good, i.e., the lower region of man. Finding a person with restraint is becoming extremely difficult. [Yes this would be the time to think about your mate]

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