The anticipation for Beyonce‘s Super Bowl Halftime performance is reaching fever pitch level. As we all wait with bated breath for the superstar to take to the stage, the NFL has compiled a must see video of their players revealing and singing their favorite Beyonce songs.

Thomas DeCoud, a Falcons safety, opens the video by singing “Say My Name.” Among the NFL players in the video are Cowboys tight end Jason Witten, Chiefs safety Eric Berry and Texans offensive tackle Duane Brown.

Bey is expected to open the halftime show Sunday with her hit song, “Crazy in Love.”

One thought on “NFL Players Sing Their Favorite Beyonce Songs [VIDEO]

  1. hoodtechie on said:

    Just goes to show you just how average she really is, without the electronics to compensate for her voice she would be booted off of American, makeup and a husband in the industry goes a long way. The fact that so many people have to come to her defense lets you know she was indeed lip synching the song. the reason for the ear piece is because she can’t remember something as basic as the national anthem, so much for her intelligence.oh well let’s she how she holds up on the super bowl stage, they wouldn’t dare let her sing live, her vocals and ability to carry a tune without electronics will out just how terrible she sings.

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