Dear Tom:

My name is Shameia Davison and I am the single mother of four children.   My three sons have autism in different degrees of severity.  My oldest daughter is brilliant and earning her high school credits while in middle school and is the greatest help a mother could ever have.

Tom, my eldest son is ten and also suffers with a potentially fatal chronic auto immune disease that affects his kidneys and my eight year-old twins need constant care.  So, working for me has since been difficult and we exist on a rather strict budget.  We’re doing just fine, but there are certain times of the year that strain our finances more than i would prefer.

This year our teaching staff at school informed us of the many benefits of tablet computers like the IPad for autistic children whose condition prevents them from speaking.  They have developed touch-screen apps that will enable my non-speaking sons a way to express themselves and remove some of the isolation and frustration they feel.

I wish I could afford this breakthrough technology for my babies, but unfortunately no matter how hard i try to save, i always fall short of the mark! It would benefit each of the kids individually and it could potentially change their lives. Please Mr. Joyner, help me open the world for my children by granting my Christmas wish of three i-pads.


Shameia Davison

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One thought on “Wednesday Christmas Wish: Shameia Davison

  1. Lena m .kelly on said:

    yes how would i sign up for mr. tom j. to help me i lost a lot of my items in and another hous fire just here recently can you email me back please and tell me on how you all and mr. tom can help me .

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