Huggy Lowdown jokes with the crew about Beyonce, the freezing weather in Washington D.C., and Ahmad Rashad’s divorce drama. You aren’t going to believe who Huggy says Sale Johnson resembles.

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2 thoughts on “Ahmad Rashad’s Wife Looks Like Who?

  1. Brian Brown on said:

    By todays standards, she can sing, but when compared to ol School singers….she can’t sing. Why did she lip sync? Vanity…pure and simple. She let the white girl outdo her. I know she did a lot for the campaign but she wasn’t a good choice to sing at the inauguration.

  2. EdieBlount on said:

    I don’t care who Sale Johnson looks like, she could buy Huggy Lowdown, okay? As for Beyonce,’ who gives a good GD? We all know that girl can “sang!” If she did lip sync, she must have had her reasons.

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