It seems like a troubling trend: Racists targeting black women in the media.

The recent hate-filled note written to Jemele Hill began this way: “Hell, I don’t like women broadcasters to begin with, yet alone bitch jungle bunnies …this “spear chucker needs to go away.”

“Get her outa here before she back-slides into some ebonics -laden inarticulate mumbo jumbo tirade,” the viewer wrote. “Short sound bites from male (black) jocks is tolerable. But, I’m not interested in spending all day listening to some thick-lipped gorilla, attempting to properly speak the king’s English.”

I suppose I can dismiss these racist rants against one ignorant bigot, but now it appears as if it’s open season on black women in television – a pattern I hope will end quickly.

Three months ago, Rhonda Lee, an African American meteorologist, was fired from her ABC affiliate in Shreveport, La., after she responded to a racial remark posted by a viewer on the station’s Facebook page in reference to her short Afro hairstyle.

Lee was hastily fired simply for defending her hairstyle after the viewer suggested that she wear a wig or start growing more hair. The viewer’s comments were racially inflammatory—yet Lee got the ax.

On Oct. 1, a viewer identified as Emmitt Vascocu wrote, “the black lady that does the news is a very nice lady. the only thing is she needs to wear a wig or grow some more hair. im not sure if she is a cancer patient. but still it’s not something myself that i think looks good on tv. what about letting someone a male have waist long hair do the news. what about that.”

And last year, two white people who were attending the Republican National Convention had to be removed from the building in Tampa after they threw peanuts at Patricia Carroll, a black CNN camera operator, and shouted, “This is how we feed animals.”

“I hate that it happened,” Carroll told Richard Prince, who writes a diversity column, “Journal-isms”, for the Maynard Institute, “but I’m not surprised at all.”

“This is Florida, and I’m from the Deep South,” said Carroll, a 34-year-old from Alabama. “You come to places like this, you can count the black people on your hand. They see us doing things they don’t think I should do.”

And she offered this observation about the GOP convention:  “There are not that many black women there.”

These racists are cowards –men who pick on unassuming women and men who are apparently seething with hate.

What kind of man throws peanuts at a woman and likens her to an animal?

What kind of man refers to a black woman as a “jungle bunny?”

These are the rants of racists who will probably never change their warped attitudes, but I’m hopeful that in 2013 more employers like CNN will support black women who are being racially harassed instead of firing women for responding to their bigoted critics.

Carroll thanked CNN, which “has been behind me 100 percent.” Although she was stationed on the floor next to Fox News, Carroll said the peanut throwers “didn’t know what I was doing. I happened to be standing there,” near one of the delegations.

“I can’t change these people’s hearts and minds,” Carroll added. “No, it doesn’t feel good. But I know who I am. I’m a proud black woman. A lot of black people are upset. This should be a wake-up call to black people. . . . People were living in euphoria for a while. People think we’ve gone further than we have.”

She’s absolutely right.

For all the talk of a post-racial America after the historic election – and re-election – of President Barack Obama, it seems, at times, that America is seriously moving backward.

My hope for 2013 is that some of these misguided Americans engage in serious soul-searching and respect the nation’s ever-changing multicultural landscape – but I’m not holding my breath.

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19 thoughts on “A Troubling Trend: Attack of Black Women in the Media

  1. Robert on said:

    I’ve always been physically and spiritually attracted to African-American women. It isn’t like ALL of them were dominant, or ALL of them had a certain body type, etc – their positives just simply outweighed their negatives. However, treating them like they are “objects” was never in the equation. There’s nothing necessarily malicious in an overwhelming attraction (in my case) because there’s no underlying issued of hatred, racism, etc. But then again, I’ve never understood why so many people are perpetually hung-up on accentuating how different they are from other groups, judging people based on race, religion, upbringing, etc.

  2. wess on said:

    White man have always yearned for a black woman, they just dont like out in the puublic they always have. She is very strong and loyal black women raised his kids and breast fed them.. had hifs babies and kept all the secrets its deeper than one may tthink..

  3. RachelGladToBeVeryBlack on said:

    You give them power by giving them an audience. If you let their ignorance have an effect on your days work of goodness, then they win. There is an old grandmother saying- “they won’t know how ignorant you are unless you open your mouth and tell them.” So we just need to let them open their mouths and identify themselves so that we can quantify their level of ignorance. The most dangerous racists are the ones in hiding behind the she eps wool and open hands. So let them call it out. Keep moving- our success is their demise. They do not have to like you and don’t ask for acceptance. We need to stop ASKING for ignorant people to accept us or like us.

  4. updacornerroundablock on said:

    “Short sound bites from male (black) jocks is tolerable. But, I’m not interested in spending all day listening to some thick-lipped gorilla, attempting to properly speak the king’s English.”

    This must be some type of race baiter or sumtin…..Look at Jemele Hill …..She’s beautiful and this comment is so ugly……haters gone hate…..there is no cure…..

  5. Amber3 on said:

    This is an issues black have to look and improve FIRST in our community. WE degrade each other. we call each other the N word and then expect other groups to respect us. We disrepect our black men and women. When we make money, we marry non blacks YET when we fall from grace, we run back to black folks and look for support as if black is not good to be around when you are on top but when you are down, yeah go back to black. We say things like “black men and women are no good and do this and that (as if others groups do not do anything. NOT) and I going to get me a white man or woman”. I can go on. Again, until blacks OVERALL show respect for THEMSELVES, no one else will. PERIOD.

  6. Its only a matter of time before we realize that we’ve been duped into the pursuit of embracing an ungodly world. That being said, do we honestly believe that with all the evil done over the years, some carefully contrived movement, that’s cloaked in cordial overtones could resolved or even remotely pay for a mass slaughter against innocence?

    Even though some of us are guilty of giving in, it hasn’t change the fact that we have long sought GOD for justice or repayment towards the people who are guilty of such.

  7. stanley on said:

    Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious
    stupidity.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

    I agree 100%

  8. mdottwo on said:

    Black men in show business routinely defame, degrade, and disrespect black women. If we don’t hold our own men to a higher standard, what do you expect people from other races are going to say about black women.

    Daily, in movies and on television, out of the mouthes of black male characters, horrific misogynistic slurs about black women are delivered to the world. A long line of so-called comedians, including Jamie Foxx, have dressed as ugly black women scaring the world. Tyler Perry is presently the chief Negro defamer in charge of keeping negative stereotypes about black women alive. His two obscene sitcoms that give us a steady diet of black women being called “ugly”, “gorilla”, “dog-face”, “you look like a man.”

    Perry, not only has his characters routinely call black women names, he presents black women as pathologically flawed. On “… the Payne’s” Aunt Ella is morbidly obese, her best friend and neighbor is constantly insulted and disgraced by Curtis, Ella’s husband. Another black female character is a drug addict; and another black female character is a thief and a con artist.

    Yet when he presents the hispanic female firefighter – nothing is wrong with her. She is slim, young and good looking and deserving of protection, that all the men in the firehouse give her. The same goes for the hispanic women neighbors. And because there is nothing wrong with them, I guess that’s why he has the black teen boy on the show fall in-love with a hispanic teen.

    Black male rappers and comedians like the “Kings of Comedy” have made their reputations off of their harsh remarks and treatment of black women. If we demand that black men protect the honor and image of African American women in the public square, then they as black men, and we as a cultural people will gain the respect others.

    • Amber3 on said:

      OH stop. Do not blame Perry and others for the stupidity that other races and even some of our own show towards blacks woman. We watched Melton Burlow for years dressing like Madea YET we do not degrade white woman. THis issue is deeper within our own group. Look at some blacks, when someone black mistreat them, the first thing some blacks say. ” I am going to get me a white woman or white man” as if WHITES are going to treat you better. You will NEVER hear a white man say that about a white woman and saying he is going to leave his white women for black women even if that white woman is the worst thing in the world.

  9. arlester jackson on said:

    why well i will tell you nothing has change its still the same. you see they don’t like and respect our president. its still the good old boys game and club. they are still wandering how they lost this past election. i hope they will continue to hire black women in the media, it will show our young children that they still can follow their dreams.

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  11. My 2 cents. I think white men are threatened by black women. White women can be controlled and are able to be influenced more so than black women. Black women are strong minded and determined. This goes back to slavery and its apart of a typical black women’s makeup. White men know that an intelligent black woman can probably get a job over them and their wife. Other race of women want to be black. Just look at these surgeries people get to their lips and butt. Some white men don’t want their women looking “black” or being influenced by black women because of their inner strength. So you have those who are racist and those who are bigots against women together. You have some that just don’t like black people no matter if its a male or female. Their are all kinds of stupid people in this world!!!

  12. Stanley on said:

    Also the racist that left those comments for that woman did so hiding behind the internet. Because they know that they are not welcome in public among civilized people.

    Can you say the same? Whenever someone says something racist about whites do you correct them? Do you agree with them? or do you remain silent?

    Be objective. TO judge something racist. When you see or hear something about whites replace the word white with black and if it stings a little then it is racist. And don’t allow it to continue. We all live in America and we all have to work together.

    Some people will try to control you by getting you to embrace being black and shuning anything white. Hitler did it with the jews. British did it to the catholics. Catholics did it to the muslims (crusades). The muslims are doing it to america and the jews. Salem did it with the witches. KKK did it with blacks. It is a old tactic used by haters to gain or retain power and to control a group of people. Don’t be fooled by it. Don’t let it destroy our nation.

    • Carolyn on said:

      “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious
      stupidity.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

  13. Stanley on said:

    And she offered this observation about the GOP convention: “There are not that many black women there.”

    The demoncrats have worked very hard to paint Republicans as racist. Then any black man who tries to ride with the Republicans will be demonized by the demoncrats The dems will tear him down and call him names. So the few blacks who do show up to the events are the brave souls who stand up against the racism and bigotry thrown at them from the left. You know it is true so don’t deny it.

    Also could it be that the people throwing peanuts didn’t like the fact that she was from CNN. Who everyone knows is a very liberal news organization and doesn’t give Republicans a fair shake at the news.

    Also the peanut throwers got kicked out. If this was in reverse at the democrated Convention and someone was throwing wonderbread at a white or black journalist from Fox they would have been congratulated.
    sidenote– you can’t throw wonderbread at people because the labor union refused to work and cause the company to shut down. Now they are all unemployed.
    sidenote note — The only person who got kicked out of the democrate national convention was GOD. If you don’t believe me watch it for yourself. When they where taking a vote to put God back in the Convention creed or what ever itwas. More people voted no to putting God back in the language then the crowed booed when they decided to put GOD back in it anyways.

    • This is the level of intellectual dishonesty to which the right is willing to stoop. So long as they never actually mention a person’s race, nothing they say about them can be considered racist. So if they call Obama a foreigner, it’s not intended to push racial buttons, because there are lots of white foreigners, and hell, they could be accusing him of being from Lichtenstein. If they call him a “lyin African,” it’s not intended to push racial buttons because there are white Africans, like Charlize Theron and Dave Matthews. If they send around pictures of him dressed like a pimp, it’s not about race, because there are white pimps, like James O’Keefe.
      And if they portray Obama as a monkey or a chimpanzee, or even call him “the first monkey president,” that’s not because they’re trying to play along with the long-standing racist association between black people and apes. And anyway, everybody likes monkeys and they’re known to be really smart: which is actually what a conservative talk show host who recently called the president a monkey and e-mailed a picture of him as a monkey said in her defense. Because as someone who is militantly opposed to President Obama and everything he stands for, she nonetheless really wants you to know how smart she thinks he is.
      Yes indeed, the only people who are really racist are the people who talk constantly about racism. Ya’ know, people like Martin Luther King Jr. and all the folks in the civil rights movement. Talk about race obsessed!
      Of course, even as the right has changed (and for the worse), in quite another way, perhaps there’s really nothing new to see here. Black and brown peoples have always had to prove, even to the more restrained among the conservative cognitariat, that they were really human beings and deserved to be treated as such.

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