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The team at “Good Morning America” and Reader’s Digest want to enhance your next movie theater experience.

They’ve tapped into the minds of movie theater employees on secrets like how to save money, the best movies snacks and even how to get away with a free double-feature.

  1. That infamous theater smell –The popcorn actually contains chemicals to create an aroma that keeps you from resisting the snack bar.
  2. “Extreme digital” Vs. IMAX digital?-Extreme digital is easier to maintain.
  3. Ticket profits who?-Within the first two months of a film, ticket sales usually go back to movie studios.  Most theaters rely on their concessions to make money, hence the overpriced snacks.
  4. “Sneaking in? Don’t mind if I do.”- Employees often don’t care enough to kick you out.
  5. What not to eat?-Movie staffers suggest that you don’t particularly eat pretzels, hot dogs or nachos.
  6. “Complaints. What complaints?”-When complaining to a manager about a particular employee or issue, they’ll pretend to side with you until you are no longer present.
  7. “I’ll take combo #1”-Most movie theaters offering combo deals don’t really save you money. The price will equal the same if the items were purchased individually.
  8. “Let me have a smedium popcorn.”- If you buy a small popcorn hoping to save some calories, you may be disappointed.  The small sizes at many movie theaters were once medium sizes.
  9. Food in a jiffy- Most movie theater foods are heated in the microwave.
  10.  “Care to share?”- Think twice before asking for that extra cup or plate. Most employees can’t give out extra supplies. They are later accounted for during inventory at the end of the night.
  11. “Don’t ask what’s under your foot?”- Although some employees may have a chance to sweep up the left behind treasures after a screening, many don’t have time to do so. When movies are scheduled back to back most employees leave the trash for pick up during longer theater breaks.
  12. Film delays-It is possible for a movie to start late, but they typically end on schedule.
  13. Popcorn today, popcorn tomorrow. –Most movie theater popcorn can last up to two days if you don’t mind that not-so-fresh-taste.