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Linda A. Douglas of New Haven, Connecticut is today’s “Christmas Wish” winner.

Dear Mr. Joyner,

My name is Linda A. Douglas and I am writing with the hope of getting a Christmas Wish.   I am 58 years old and a grandmother of five and great-grandmother of one who has a passion for sewing and helping others.

I worked as a construction laborer for ten years until three years ago when I went through the floor dropping 15 feet. I have had several operations to repair the damage done to my body from the fall and I am doing well now.  While I was healing I wanted to keep busy so I would not dwell on my physical condition. I resumed a hobby that I enjoy which is sewing. I started to make blankets, pillows and pajamas. I give these out free to the homeless, at the veteran’s hospital, to shelters that help women and children and also to the pediatric ward at Yale New Haven Hospital, St. Raphael Hospital, Ronald McDonald House and my church.

To date I have made over 300 blankets that have been given to help people in need last year. I also make baby blankets with matching burp cloths to help new moms who are struggling.  I go out to the homeless shelters once a month and help provide food and clothing also.  Nothing makes me happier than to be able to help others in need through my gift of sewing.

This week I ran out of fabric completely and it breaks my heart because it is bitterly cold and I know there are lots of people freezing out here in need of warm blankets.  It is my Christmas Wish to ask if you would give me Wal-mart and Jo-Ann fabric giftcards so that I can purchase more material to make more blankets.  I have 100 blankets made to date and I am looking to make 600 more in 2013.  I hope that you will grant my wish. The more blankets I make, the more people I will be able to help.

Sincerely, L

Linda A. Douglas