Chris Paul is full with court drama. Listen to hear about Ray Lewis‘ most recent case, Hines Ward’s possible baby, and the latest in the Evelyn Lozada/Chad Johnson saga.

Read the Ray Lewis story here and the Hines Ward story here, if you missed them.


This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute. 

 Evelyn Lozada reunited with her ex-husband Chad Johnson for the first time since their divorce.  Evelyn met Chad in a courtroom where she asked the judge to drop the restraining order she has against him.  The judge asked Evelyn if she was still afraid of Ocho Cinco and she looked at Chad and said, no.  Y’all know what that means, Evelyn bought a gun.

 And in more NFL drama Raven superstar Ray Lewis is begging the judge to deny his baby mamma access to his financial records.  Sharnika Kelly wants to know how much Ray is really baking so she could up her child support payments, but Ray-Ray is like, please judge, please, don’t let her see my bank balance.  The two most precious numbers for any black man, his ATM pin and his cellphone code.  You could water-board a brotha he still won’t tell you.

 Also in the NFL drama department former Pittsburgh Steeler and Superbowl MVP Hines Ward been blindsided with a paternity suit.  A woman in Georgia says that Hines is definitely the father of her one year old daughter.  And if he won’t fess up and start paying she wants the judge to order a blood test.  Damn, Heinz,  it looks like the football field was the only place you protected yourself with a helmet.

One thought on “Morning Minute: Who Bought a Gun? Plus, some Baby Mama Drama

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