For many people, social media has become just as essential as toilet paper when going to the bathroom.

A new study found that many Americans are so addicted to social media that they can’t even go to the toilet without it.

Nielsen’s “State of the Media: Social Media Report” found that a third of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 use social media while in the bathroom.

The study also showed that 50 percent of survey responders update their statuses and check their newsfeeds while at a work.

Nielson found that the majority of social media interactivity is taking place through mobile devices such as smartphones.

The survey results showed that people are spending more time on Facebook and Twitter in comparison to last year with a 63 percent increase. The report found that Americans spent 27 billion minutes a month using the Facebook app and 3.6 billion minutes a month on the Twitter app.

Nielson’s findings also named Facebook as the most-used social network in the country with 17 percent of Americans saying they spend most of their time on the news feed. While Twitter came in second place, Pinterest also experienced a hike in activity over the last year. According to the study, Pinterest has become widely popular among women with 70 percent of the network’s users being female.

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