Twitter officials are cracking down on copyright abuse.

The website will now show users a disclaimer that a status is in violation of copyright laws rather than completely deleting the tweet.

If a person is found breaching copyright laws, the message will now read “This Tweet from [username] has been withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder.”

In addition to the warning message, the status will also include a link to Twitter’s copyright policies and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Twitter users will be able to interact with the message and ask questions about why the message was removed.

Jeremy Kessel, Twitter’s legal policy manager tweeted about the new policy last weekend and said the new rule enables “more transparency in processing copyright reports by withholding Tweets” as opposed to simply removing them.

“If someone with the permalink tries to navigate to the tweet, they’ll see that it is being withheld for copyright reasons,” Kessel said. 

Site officials will also submit a DMCA request to Chilling Effects, an online archive that publishes copyright infringing messages making the offense even more public.

Last year, Twitter removed over 5,000 tweets and media found in violation of their copyright policies.

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