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As Election Day approaches, a new national survey shows that President Barack Obama is already winning America’s favor.

A new Pew Research Center poll found that President Obama has a three-point lead over Republican nominee Mitt Romney among undecided voters.

The results gave President Obama a 50-to-45 lead among voters after three-percent of voters were divided between the candidates. Researchers split up voters based on their choice of one candidate over another as well as calculated predictions on how the undecided voter will choose on Tuesday.

On the other hand, a third of undecided voters have already made their choice at the polls with 48 percent choosing Obama and 45 percent voting for Romney.

In a previous survey following the first debate, President Obama trailed his opponent. The two candidates were tied in a poll taken last week.

Romney is still the top choice among men and voters ages 65 and older. However, Romney’s supporters who are 65 and older dropped 10 points last week.

President Obama has closed the gap among women supporters with a 53-to-40 percent lead over Romney.

The turmoil of Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast has also increased the number of Obama supporters especially among moderates. About seven out of ten likely voters including 46 percent of Romney voters and 63 percent of swing voters believe that President Obama handled the storm crisis properly.

The poll also showed the enthusiasm behind Obama supporters. Eighty percent of Obama enthusiasts said they were voting for the President rather than simply voting against Romney. Yet, 60 percent of Romney voters said they were voting for the Republican nominee rather than against Obama.

"In past elections, dating to 1960, the candidate with the higher percentage of strong support has usually gone on to win the popular vote….And far more registered voters expect an Obama victory than a Romney victory on Nov. 6 (52% vs. 30%)," the Pew report found.

The new poll also shed some light behind Romney’s campaign. According to the results, Romney supporters were the most engaged voters and consistently kept up with the election in comparison to Obama supporters. Romney fans were also found to be “more committed to voting” than Obama supporters with a margin of 6 to 8 points.

Pew Researchers conducted over 2500 phone interviews between October 31-November 1. Participants were randomly chosen and the survey has a margin of error of 2.2 percent.

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