A super PAC ad running Ohio hopes it can woo African American voters with a new ad suggesting their loyalty to the Democratic Party is misguided, and that they should vote Republican because Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, too. [Watch below.]

According to Salon, the Empower Citizens Network has an ad in the Columbus area that argues: “It is a big lie that Democrats are for black Americans, and Republicans are against black Americans. Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves, was a Republican. Republicans founded the NAACP. Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act, while Democrats opposed it.”

Evan McMorris-Santoro of Talking Points Memo writes that the group, which describes itself as an “alternative conservative” super PAC, has run a number of other ads throughout the state, including one that “accuses Obama and Democrats of imploding the economy by forcing mortgage companies to lend to ‘unqualified borrowers’ while the Soviet national anthem plays.”

According to the Toledo Blade, a newspaper ad put out by the group says that the “Obamas throw lavish parties at the White House for ‘socialist friends’ that include flying in $100-per-pound Kobe beef from Japan.”

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13 thoughts on “VIDEO: Ohio Ad: Blacks Should Vote GOP Because Lincoln Ended Slavery

  1. StillLisa on said:

    The Republican party that you are talking about either doesn’t exist or they are very quiet. The Tea Party, conservative entertainers/pundits and religious extremists have been allowed to speak for the GOP and control their brand. The decision to allow this has put them in a losing position because, as Bill O’Reilly and others continue to lament, the country’s demographics have changed. It is sad that the party of Eisenhower can’t come up with a better nominee for president than Mitt Romney. And now, they think they can “win us back” with smiling black faces and pseudo-historical anecdotes?

    Racist and sexist assumptions will kill an already suicidal GOP.

  2. StillLisa on said:

    I wish Robert Warther would comment on this or make a spokesperson available. He is the treasurer and point of contact for this super pac. The ad obviously misuses historical anecdotes to create a relationship where none exists.

    As an independent voter, I resent this tired attempt at duping me into voting for the GOP. Talk to us about the issues that concern us. Be serious if you want to be taken seriously. Racist assumptions will not work.

  3. africanwarrior on said:

    Most of us Blacks including myself disagreed strongly with George W Fiscal Policies, however we must acknowledge that without George W a White Republican did appoint the first Blacks to the 3rd most Powerful position in America ,Secretary Of State General Colin Powell & Condi Rice, this did demonstrate to all America that African Americans had the intellect and savy to taken on any post in America including that of President of the USA.

    We need not confuse Tea Partier’s to main Stream Dwight D Eisenhower Republicans. Today’s Republicans resemble pre- 1970 racist Democrats
    I urge un informed Brothers & sisters to read American History , and especially the Black Civil Rights.
    We Wouldn’t be here voting for a bi-racial President without the effort of Republicans.

  4. africanwarrior on said:

    Mr. Joyner
    Many Black people have selective short term memory, and in many instances are historically un aware of the hardships our ancestors endured.
    You are a great champion HBC colleges ,and have raised $ Millions to keep them going.
    Tom You are also aware that these colleges were created by wealthy Republicans like The Rockefeller’s, and Moorehouse to to educate emancipated slaves . It was a risky venture , many Blacks who attended these colleges were threatened , beaten and killed by Democrat supported KKK followers of The KKK Democrat Leader Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest , a person who made $ Millions buying and selling slaves.

    It is also true that Republicans helped Blacks created The NAACP to fight for our rights.
    It is also True That in the 1950’s &1960’s Governors like George Wallace, Faubus, Lester Maddox , and brutal police commissioner Bull Connors supported violence against Blacks, and it took Great Republicans Like President Eisenhower to force Evil Southern Democrats to integrate America.
    It was Republican President Lincoln who risked America’s future to free slaves.

  5. africanwarrior on said:

    Like Gov Romney making false statements , You need not misquote Professor Nicolas Lemann , who is one the brightest and most informed American Civil War historians.
    Navi 12, Also you have selectively forgotten to mention Democrat KKK Founder and $ Multi Millionaire Slave Trader Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate General who ordered the savage murder of 500 Black surrendering Union Soldiers by shooting them in the Back of the head, and letting 600 White Union Soldiers Go Free. You made serious historical misquotes .

  6. africanwarrior on said:

    You have made serious allegation that must be challenged by me. You are Historically Incorrect, He Clearly mentions The racist Democrats attacking and killing defenseless Blacks after the civil war, and Republican General Grant protecting Blacks.
    May I respectfully correct You of misquotes of Nicolas Lemann here are specific references from his book here excerpts from Professor Lemann’s Book:

    Nicholas Lemann opens this extraordinary book with a riveting account of the horrific events of Easter 1873 in Colfax, Louisiana, where a white militia of Confederate veterans-turned-vigilantes attacked the black community there and massacred hundreds of people in a gruesome killing spree. This began an insurgency that changed the course of American history: for the next few years white Southern Democrats waged a campaign of political terrorism aiming to overturn the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments and challenge President Grant’s support for the emergent structures of black political power. Redemption is the first book to describe in uncompromising detail this organized racial violence, which reached its apogee in Mississippi in 1875.

  7. africanwarrior on said:

    Who donated over $3 Billion to create HBC colleges designed to educate emancipated Slaves? Yes You Got
    Republicans Rockefeler, his mother and Moorehouse (yes Moorehouse College named in his name), Democrats wanted threatened to kill, hand and torture Blacks and Republicans who participated or attended HBC colleges , many were tortured and hanged. That is why Black People Must Stay In Schools .

  8. africanwarrior on said:

    Needles to say The Republican Party from 1861- 1970 were instrumental tin freeing and granting Blacks Human and civil rights;
    Lincoln was an abolitionist and he fought Pro-Slavery Southern Democrats to free Blacks at the risk of breaking up the USA. Among those Evil Slave Owning Southern Democrats was KKK Founder ,Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest , a evil who made$$$$ in slave trade, and who shot 500 un- armed Black union soldiers in the Back Of The Head and let 600 White ones go free.
    Remember who formed the NAACP? Yes You got it Republicans to fight Democrats who were lynching Blacks and Republican Abolitionists.
    Remember President Dwight D Eisenhower? The Five Star General War hero who desgregated schools and backed Black in Brown V The Board and enforced the law with 101st Airborne against Ark Democrat Governors Faubus?
    Remember evil Democrat Governors Wallace, and Georgia’s Lester Maddox who hated Blacks like the plague? How About JFK who as a Senator opposed every the 1957 civil Right’s act drafted by Republican Sen Dirksen, this act by the way is the reason why You and I are considered full Humans.
    I can go on and on. You Get The Picture Now?

  9. What a bunch of crap! Lincoln freed the slaves only to gain foreign support and infused the army with additional solders (black men). It was STRICTLY a political move to win the war.

    Time out for that old textbook story that was taught to kids back in the 60s.

  10. “They should vote Republican because Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, too.” This PAC ad is so lame that it needs: crutches, a walker, a wheel-chair and a telethon to prop it up. The same Abraham Lincoln is supposed to have said the Civil War or War between the States was not fought to free slaves but to preserve the union. Author Lerone Bennett put it best in his article, “Was Lincoln a White Supremacist?” I have a audio CD which I checked out from the local library titled “Redemption, the last battle of the Civil War by Nicholas Lemann which I highly recommend. The freed slaves and blacks depicted were Republicans who were persecuted by Democrats in the South and the Republican administration under President Grant turned a deaf ear to them more often than they assisted them. In 2012, Abraham Lincoln doesn’t cut it anymore especially with images of Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush, George W. Bush, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon come to mind.

  11. antzz11 on said:

    Playing the race card once again with these right-wing super pac ads .Tha sad story is that many of our religious leaders (so-called) are lining up with these views .what has the Republican party done for minorities presently ?

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