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Ann Coulter is back at it again.

In what many believe is another ploy for attention or simply another ignorant remark by the extremely conservative commentator, Ann Coulter.

During last night's final presidential debate, Coulter took to twitter to express her opinion on the debate tweeting:

"I Highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard."

Coulter is known for her narrow-minded, insensitive commentary; however, using this inflammatory term should land her in hot water.

However, no one will be surprised if it doesn't because when she used the term back in September to comment on the Romney's 47% video, she gained little backlash.

She tweeted back in September:

"Been busy but is Obama still talking about that video? i had no idea how crucial the retarded vote is in this election."

And this is the woman Jimmie "JJ" Walker allegedly dates.

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