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Chris Paul blasts through 60 seconds of Devito's cheating, the drunk Secret Service Agent, and the Zumba prostitute.

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This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.  

New details have emerged about the breakup between Danny DeVito and his long time wife, Rhea Perlman.  It appears that Danny DeVito had a chick on the side.  Yeah, some hot young thing that he promised to make a star.  So Rhea Perlman needs to get revenge by finding herself a stud. And I know what you’re thinking, who in the hell would sleep with Rhea Perlman?  Uh, you ever heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger?  He’ll sleep with anybody.

Just hours after President Obama left Miami a Secret Service agent was found passed out drunk in the streets of South Beach.  What’s going on with Secret Service?  Drunk in the streets?  Picking up prostitutes?  Who knew that Charlie Sheen was qualified to guard the president?

Last week I told you about the Zumba instructor who was secretly running a prostitution ring out of her studio.  Well now a judge is releasing the name of her clients.  And I made a few calls, and I got a hold of that list.  And now in this TJMS exclusive, I will read the names of the men who had sex with the prostitute Zumba instructor (mystery keyboard music).  I’m kidding.  I just wanted to see how many brothers in the car with their lady would reach over and turn the radio off real quick.  Ha ha ha.


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