WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has offered his take on the debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan, saying "Joe just needs to be Joe."

Obama offered his remark in an interview with ABC News on the eve of Thursday night's vice presidential debate.

Biden has been a controversial figure, occasionally prone to making rhetorical gaffes. Obama himself came under withering criticism for his lackluster performance in last week's debate against Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Biden served Delaware in the U.S. Senate for several terms before becoming vice president. He recently got into a rough patch when he told a campaign audience in Charlotte, N.C., that the middle-class in America has been "buried" the last four years — the same time frame of Obama's first term as president.

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2 thoughts on “Obama on VP debate: ‘Joe just needs to be Joe’

  1. NITA3250 on said:

    Ok these people can believe Romney is for them if they want, First of all President Obama came into this situation, and the country was messed up when he got into office. Now people want to blame him for the mess Bush created. Just as if a person lose their job, it takes time to get your finances together, it wont happen over night people so stop acting like he can play captain save a H– in one term

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