Three new national polls show President Barack Obama is taking the lead over Republican candidate Mitt Romney in two major battleground states.

The polls conducted by NBC News, The Wall Street Journal, and Marist College show Obama taking a drastic lead in Ohio while also winning over Florida and Virginia. Virginia and Florida are two battleground states that are crucial to Romney’s campaign in winning the election.

All three surveys found that Obama had a one-point margin lead over Romney in Florida with 47 percent to 46 percent. Another poll conducted by Suffolk University also discovered the same favorable findings for Obama but with a three-point lead at 56 percent to 53 percent.

Within the past two weeks, over nine surveys have all reported that Obama continues to lead in percentage points over Romney. However, this week’s surveys prove a smaller margin with a 1 to 3 percentage point difference in comparison to the previous polls at 3 to 9 percentage points.

Polls in Virginia also show the same close race with Obama leading 48 percent to Romney’s 46 percent. A poll conducted by Roanoke College showed a much larger lead for the president with 47 percent to 39 percent. However, Roanoke’s survey included a large amount of undecided voters and was administered over a longer period of time in comparison to other surveys.

Ohio polls reported the president having an eight percentage point lead over Mitt Romney with 51 to 43 percent. The Ohio results proved to be much better than the previous poll conducted shortly after the Democratic National Convention.

Polls conducted by Columbus Dispatch showed Obama leading by four percentage points while voice-recorded polls administered by Public Policy Polling revealed a nine percentage point lead for the president.

The Huffington Posts’ Pollster Tracking Model shows no major shift in Obama’s leading position on the national level. In comparison to a week ago, the president is currently leading nationally by four percentage points.

Despite Obama’s lead, the polls are still very close. It may only take a small bump in Romney’s favor to heighten the competition.

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7 thoughts on “Polls Show Obama Taking Lead in Virginia and Florida

  1. jimmyg on said:

    Folks,Mitt was talking loud and sounded shrill like a loser on the Jerry Springer Show.If anybody cut through the hype,we saw a man saying the same thing.He wants to cut and slash the huge deficit,yet he wants to add 100,000 new troops to a half trillion dollar defense budget.He claims he wants to stop borrowing cash from China,but he did not explain where that money was coming from for the increase.Nor why we need more troops when we are winding down stupid wars. He mentioned he had five boys (Why? I don’t know) yet he never told us which five sons he would send to another stupid war.Obama pulled a rope a dope on Mitt.And we found out he is a top ten liar.I don’t trust Mitt..

  2. africanwarrior on said:

    President Obama didn’t bring his A game in the debate against Romney, I am afraid that he needs to re-tool very quickly ASAP

  3. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    Hey it was great pres/obama was cool and low key,,,he didnt shoot his guns on how Romney flip floped back and forth or how Romneys plan is a copy of the Pres/or how can you not up taxes on the wealthly still makecuts to the mid class and still make money his plan is crazy 0+0-1=not enough $ to do what he is planning but remember this Romneys said he is not goin to tax the wealthy.

  4. rhemasplace on said:

    That debate was indescribable. I really thought that both candidates would be well rehearsed and prepared. Romney really came big last night and the President wasn’t quite ready…maybe he was thinking more about the upcoming anniversary plans…still haven’t pinpointed the strategy yet…I wouldn’t say it was like watching the Lakers roll over some junior high kids but it was an unmatched event!…if it was an actual fight it would have been stopped… If President Obama plans to win the election, he has to make major changes for the next 2 debates or possibly face defeat. However, supporting Romney based on his past performances of changing with the wind when it comes to every issue during this campaign is still difficult. If he had just stuck to some of what he believed! We will see what fate has in store.

  5. rhemasplace on said:

    I’m not sure what President Obama and his campaign team were trying to accomplish with the strategy that they used last night but it was horrific! I suspected that Romney was going to do well in the debate (despite the falsehoods) because he had to be BIG AND BOLD. But I thought that the President would be ready and prepared to fight. This is really going to set him back. For voters who only just tuned in to the race last night, saw a side of both candidates that is misleading. Overall the debate was all the same from both candidates basically talking about the same things that they have been saying from the beginning.

  6. cindycruz on said:

    Every Independent voter I have talked to this morning said our President was outclassed on every point and romney is the one who looked Presidential. I really felt bad at how bad he was beaten last night. One lady said it was like the Lakers playing a junour high team.

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