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Florida Police shot a man who was on the run after his girlfriend's daughter was reported pregnant and sexually assaulted.

Gregory Johns, 42, was shot dead in a motel in Treasure Island, Fla. A week prior, his girlfriend brought her 11-year-old daughter to the hospital after complaining of stomach pains when doctors discovered the child was pregnant.

Soon after, Johns, ditched the girlfriend and her daughter at the hospital never returning.

While on the run, Johns committed crimes around the city including robbing someone at knifepoint, before police discovered him in the bathroom of the Trail's End Motel from an anonymous tip.

Reportedly, Johns called his girlfriend and apologized for assaulting her daughter. During the conversation, he also told her the cops would have to kill him before he'd go back to jail for the eleventh time.

According to police, Johns was brandishing a knife threatening to kill them when discovered at the motel which lead to the police shooting him.

Currently the police involved are being investigated and are on paid administrative leave.


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7 thoughts on “Police Shoot Man Who Impregnated 11-Year-Old

  1. dbell93 on said:

    This is a horrible thing, but all I could say after reading your post is, “what.” This has got to be some imposter. Sounds like someone other than a black person trying to sound like a “stupid” black person. Most blacks don’t get that stupid. It has to be the figment of someone’s imagination.

  2. godjlove on said:

    …there’s a sickness going on…it is only going to get worst folks, wake up! until we start educating individuals properly with the RIGHT education, these tragic occurrences will continue to occur. sorry! it is the new world order or just the way of this world at the moment. YOU have to make the change in YOURSELF. If you trace this family’s family tree, I bet YOU are someone in the tree. We are ALL ONE. Word. one.

  3. YadaYada on said:

    chaquille, I have to agree with you on this one. I feel for the young child, she was stuck between evil and stupid. Evil is gone hopefully her mother can recover from her stupidity and be there for her child.

  4. priss0526 on said:

    I wonder if the mother knew about her boyfriends past and if so why was he allowed to be around her daughter, I mean he’s been in prison 11 times! I hope this child will be able to recover from this.

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