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It’s a wrap for Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada. According to TMZ, the couple has pulled the plug on their six-week marriage.

Lozada just filed the papers this afternoon in Florida, claiming her marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

The divorce comes shortly after the NFL receiver was charged with domestic battering for allegedly head-butting and hitting Lozada during an argument.

In the documents, Evelyn claimed she found a receipt for a box of condoms in his car, TMZ reports. Also, according to the filing, the couple had a prenup.

Lozado and Johnson were married on July 4th in St. Maarten. The ceremony was recorded for a VH1 reality show that has since been canceled.

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11 thoughts on “Evelyn Lozada Files for Divorce

  1. loycetate on said:

    Shakur that is good and I feel you but how many women has Chad slept with since we adding up “adultry or fornication” of Evelyn’s. Chad is not a victim of Evelyn’s doings but his own. She should not have married him either but if we erase both of their indescresions would it have been okay? Just asking, I think it is his ego that needs to be in check. OBAMA 2012

  2. Shakur on said:

    Chad you have been one of my favorite football players for a while now, I rode with you when you changed your name to Ohco Cingo, I knew that you were just building your brand, but I started second guessing your mental status when you went and married Evelyn, come on Chad, this woman has been with so many ballers, she could have been featured on NFL wives, Basketball wives, Baseball wives and R&B wives, Chad do you get the picture? Chad always remember the saying, you can never make a whore into a house wife, and any female that you sleep with on your first date is not wifey material. Reality tv have not only destroy your life,it has also destroyed your football career and on the verge of destroying your brand that you work so hard to build , now the word in the street is Chad is a sucker. sign the divorce papers and get back to what you do best ,and that is play football, I know that you are currently fighting to find a team, but you can do it, concentrate on whats important in your life and you will get back on track, keep your head up homie and it will work itself out. And I am still going to ride with you..

  3. funesse2000 on said:

    She is full of crap. During BBW she told him she didn’t care if he cheated as long as he used CONDOMS!! So now it’s an issue??? We all knew this was going to come to an end, but I bet Chad thought it was going to be on his terms. He didn’t learn anything from Kris Humphries and now what piece of name he had is now GONE and RUIN!!! Arrogance makes you dumb and thinking you are really more than you are makes you a SUCKA!! But there’s one born everyday!!

  4. loycetate on said:

    Evelyn, you got an advocate in me not that it noteworthy but keep doing what you doing, run fast. There are plenty of Chad’s out there. How you react to this and the media is going to determine whether you can pick yourself up and brush it off and get yourself together so you can get a grip on your future. You know how it happened and so does Chad. He may have thought he could get you to forgive him until the wound healed until the next infidelity. Don’t believe that, he is just beginning to feel what he has coming. Vengience is mine, said the Lord, remember that which is so hard! I suspect that if he doesn’t get a contract, he will be selling that “stuff” that makes women want to sleep with him but before long, he too will come crawling and you can bask in that glory. I hope you hear me. Don’t worry about the Kardahians, they had a plan and resources you and most of us never will. As far as your antics on the television, and take it from one that wasn’t a fan of yours after you portrayed dislike for Jen, but I realize that was put in place for “television” and it backfired! I too believe that Chad and your relationship was television too but you two had gone so far you had to marry him as many, as did I, didn’t think he would marry you. But you two did and did what he had planned to do all along, but living a lie is a difficult thing which you are now experiencing. Hold your head high, he is not safe to be around because his assets are coming down and he will blame you and this incident rather than himself! Know that you were made in His image and you will be fine. OBAMA 2012

  5. blackpower3 on said:

    I still can’t believe Chad was stupid enough to marry her. Everyone could see she was just looking for a sucker and found one. These athletes need to start paying attention to a women’s character instead of their body if they are looking to get married. Hopefully with the prenup she gets only what she came in with.

  6. rizzer12 on said:

    First off all. Obviuosly everyone has convicted Chad already. Why? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? This is the first major trouble he has been in for a long time. It’s funny how trouble follows Evelyn. Second, Evelyn is not innocent of anything. She is his elder(COUGAR) and should have known about his ways. So when you find something out, you shouldn’t have let it put you in that position. Third, I know Evelyn is not being an advocate for Domestic Violence? Wasn’t that the same thing she did on the Basketball Wives’? YES! Ni**a please!

  7. ronjula on said:

    chad file for bankruptcy, because it was a front marriage on her part,put everything in your moms name,or someone else.

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