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Jane Carey, the attorney for Allison Mathis, the mother of Chris Bosh’s 3-year-old daughter,Trinity, was a guest on the Tom Joyner Morning Show this morning discussing the current, complicated situation between Bosh and Mathis.

Reports this week surfaced that Mathis has been forced to apply for government assistance, recently lost her job, and is on the verge of foreclosing on her home. She currently receives approximately $2,600 per month for child support from Bosh. Mathis contests this is not enough to take care of her daughter.

Mathis plans on contending the child support amount in court and will be represented by Jane Carey. Carey joined Jacque Reid for “Inside Her Story” detailing Mathis and Bosh’s current situation.

However, the conversation quickly went awry.

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5 thoughts on “J.Anthony Brown Versus Attorney Jane Carey

  1. hstralinger on said:

    J., J., J., J!!!! You sir, did the fool on that Lawyer. Should I ever need any legal representation, may I call on you? You would of won that case. I agreed that Chris Bosh could stand to volunteer more aid to his child, but it is not his responsibility to take care of his baby’s momma. There is no child alive that “NEEDS” $30,000.00 per month, to raise it. I am one of three children. At no time during my lifetime did my mother & father have $30,000.00 per month to raise the 3 of us. That’s foolishness, like these gasoline prices.
    There shouldn’t be a problem w/ him taking his child to Europe, as long as he is not relocating. Also being a former, married, blackman. There is no way, that a modern day black married woman is going to allow her husband to take his baby’s momma to Europe.

  2. BeeFair on said:

    I am a mother and what a real mother would do out of concern for her child would be to let the child live with her father so she could take advantage of the “lavish lifestyle” that the attorney spoke about until I got a job. What about that? He has stepped up; however, I am sure that this “baby momma” has a lot of drama which her attorney demonstrated very well in her interview. Ladies, let be fair, especially when it comes to the children.

  3. Whosaidit on said:

    So what he has a lavished lifestyle…he worked hard to get where he is…and no one has a right to entrap him so that they can receive his benefits or free ride unless He allows it.
    That’s my 2 cents.

  4. Whosaidit on said:

    Very interesting interview…
    Jay…you were rude, but I agree with you. Listening to Attorney Jane’s voice demeanor and tone would make be me rude as well…very non-welcoming.
    $30,000 is too much…I’d settle for $10,000…
    Chris Bosh will not be making $18 Million for the duration of her 3yr old daughter’s life until 18 yrs old. That’s crazy.

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