Don’t Hate the Technology

This morning on the Big Show, we ask the question, “How Has Texting Gotten You in Trouble?” We are singling out that mode of technology, but really, thousands of years ago, you could have asked a similar question to a caveman – “How did drawings on the walls of the caves get you in a jam”? Because in the end, it isn’t the technology that does us in; it’s our stupidity, ignorance or carelessness – and sometimes all three things working together at once.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I do think the more technology we have, the more trouble we’re able to get in. It’s like every advancement in communications intended to make our lives better has the potential to ruin us, especially relationship wise. And trust me, no one is looking out for you when they improve on technology. It’s every man, woman and player for him or herself.

Of course, when it comes to texting mistakes, former Detorit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is the poster child. So, when you think about it, every player or potential player out there owes him a debt of gratitude. His stupidity/ignorance/carelessness may have saved your life – or at least your relationship. If you’re like me, before Kwame got busted, you had no idea that every single business, professional, private, personal, sexual, freaky, nasty, perverted message you’ve ever sent goes to a service – like, in his case, Skytel – that keeps records of each and every one of them.

But now you know, and if anyone is still sending text messages that include anything that can cause them to be arrested, divorced or humiliated beyond reason, it’s on them.

So, does that mean Kwame will be the last man or woman to have their intimate text messages subpoenaed and placed in newspapers or read on the air by DJs? Not a chance. In fact, someone right now is text messaging the person they’re cheating and telling them how much they want to get together later; another person is sending naked pictures they only want one person to see, and someone else just accidentally sent the text breaking up with their girlfriend to their wife.

Every real player knows the number-one rule in the hand book – Chapter One, page one, paragraph one – is Never Put Anything in Writing. But you know what? It doesn’t even matter. You can have all the rules and regulations in the world; you can have all the technology in the world; you can have all the excuses in the world, but the bottom line is if you’re playing, you’re going to get caught eventually.

In the meantime, remember it isn’t the texting that’s getting you in trouble; it’s what you’re texting. If your boss gets a text from you saying how stupid you think he is that was intended for your co-worker, or if you get an explicit message from your son intended for his girlfriend, the only way to make sure it never happens again is to stop sending or reading text messages. But who are we kidding?

Let those thumbs fly, and treat a text the same way you would have treated a note to someone you liked in the first grade. Remember there’s a chance the teacher or SkyTel will decide to share your message with the classroom or the world. So be careful what you write. Don’t hate the technology. Hate the game!

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