COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The Latest on the fatal police shooting of a 13-year-old boy in Ohio (all times local):

10:15 a.m.

A coroner isn’t immediately releasing autopsy details for a 13-year-old Ohio boy who police say was shot by an officer after pulling a real-looking BB gun from his waistband.

The coroner in Columbus said Friday that Tyre King‘s autopsy was done but she isn’t yet sharing details, including where he was struck. She says the official manner of death is pending.

The case started with a 911 call about an armed robbery Wednesday night. Police say officers saw three males matching the suspects’ descriptions and tried to speak with them, when two of them ran off. The officers followed them into an alley. Police say Tyre pulled a gun from his waistband, and an officer shot him several times.

He died at a hospital. No one else was hurt.


12:20 a.m.

The fatal police shooting of a 13-year-old Columbus boy who officers said pulled a BB gun from his waistband that looked like a real weapon will be investigated thoroughly to determine if charges are warranted.

Evidence from Wednesday’s shooting will automatically be presented to a grand jury.

Police say Tyre (ty-REE’) King died at a children’s hospital shortly after the shooting, which started with a 911 call about an armed robbery.

Police say the officers saw three males matching the descriptions of the suspects and tried to speak with them, when two of them ran off. The officers followed them into an alley when police say a suspect, later identified as Tyre, pulled a gun from his waistband, and an officer shot him several times.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — An officer responding to a reported armed robbery shot and killed a 13-year-old boy when the teen pulled a firearm from his waistband that was later determined to be a BB gun but looked “practically identical” to the weapon that police use, authorities said Thursday.

The shooting happened around nightfall Wednesday in an alley east of downtown Columbus after a short foot chase.

Columbus police said officers had spotted three males who matched the description of the robbery suspects, and two of them ran away when officers tried to speak with them.

Officers followed the pair into a nearby alley and tried to take them into custody. Police said that’s when 13-year-old Tyree King pulled out a gun, and one officer fired his weapon, hitting the boy repeatedly.

Tyree died at a children’s hospital. The officers and the other male involved in the encounter weren’t injured.

Authorities identified the officer who fired as a nine-year veteran of the force named Bryan Mason. He is white; Tyree was black.

At a news conference Thursday, Police Chief Kim Jacobs displayed a photo of what she called a “replica” of the BB gun that Tyree had.

“Our officers carry a gun that looks practically identical to this weapon,” she said. “As you can see, it looks like a firearm that could kill you.”

Mason has been placed on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated, per department protocol, Jacobs said.

Authorities said it wasn’t clear if the shooting was caught on surveillance or cellphone video. Columbus police don’t use body cameras.

Mayor Andrew Ginther appeared to choke up as he called for the community to come together to help ensure children remain safe. He questioned why an eighth-grader would have a replica of a police firearm.

“There is something wrong in this country, and it is bringing its epidemic to our city streets,” Ginther said. “And a 13-year-old is dead in the city of Columbus because of our obsession with guns and violence.”

Neighborhood resident Chris Naderer said he was home at the time and heard someone break fencing in his backyard, then saw an officer chasing two young black men and heard several gunshots.

“I just think it was bad circumstances that he had a gun,” Naderer said.

Police reviewing evidence from the scene determined the boy’s firearm was actually a BB gun with an attached laser sight.

The male who had been with Tyree was interviewed and released pending further investigation, police said. They provided no further information about him.

Police said additional suspects were being sought as the shooting and reported robbery remained under investigation.

The shooting will be reviewed internally, which is required under Columbus Division of Police protocol.

Jacobs said it’s too soon to draw comparisons between Tyree’s death and the Cleveland death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, another case in which a white policeman fatally shot a black boy who had a pellet gun.

There was no chase in Tamir’s case. A caller reported someone pointing a gun at people near a recreation center, and a rookie officer shot Tamir almost immediately after his police cruiser stopped nearby. The caller had said the person was likely a juvenile and the weapon was probably fake, but the call taker never passed that information to the dispatcher of the responding officers.


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15 thoughts on “Tyre King’s Autopsy Results Not Released

  1. What was his actions you do not know no mote yjan anyone else he could havr been complying by pulling out a weapon when asked and then could have been shot, or a 13 year old child could have been stating he only have a toy gun and trying yo show it and got shot. Who adsaid they even commited the crime the young man with him was wuestionef snd released. It is not a crime to plsy with a toy gun. Instead of the cops being so quick to end a life just like they feel their life is in danger in that situation how do you think that child felt in his situation if you was not there in that moment its impossible to say so keep yohr negative opinions sbout the victim and is decisions to homdelf it was not established he even commited a crime he just MATCHED A DESCRIPTION.

  2. Peggy, you need to STFU, and now byotch.

    “Officers do not have the luxury of knowing if it’s a real gun or not,” Pappas said. “So two young men who were suspects in this armed robbery separated and ran. One of them was ordered to show his hands and go to the ground, and he complied.”

    Pappas said King did not comply with orders to show his hands, reached for a gun, and the officer was forced to shoot.

    “If you just comply with their lawful orders, everything will come out OK,” Pappas said. “ That is the message that needs to be heard. You have to comply with lawful orders of a police officer.”

    Pappas said the officer involved in the shooting is regarded as a “really, really good officer.”

  3. African American Woman on said:

    It’s tragic that a 13 old boy is dead because he and his friends decided to act like thugs and rob someone. A gun in a person’s face is a gun in someone’s face. I don’t think it would be less traumatic finding out it was a bb gun. Pulling anything that appears to be a gun most likely will end up with you DEAD! This isn’t too hard to understand, as they want to come home alive too. Please, the “he was only shot because he was black”folks, have a seat. Instead of blaming his race instead of his actions, you are only adding to the unfortunate situation where too many young black men take no responsibility for their actions. This incident should represent a sobering wake up call to our people to STOP COMMITTING STUPID AND SELF-DESTRUCTIVE CRIMINAL ACTS. We need to wake up, STOP making excuses for nonsense that happens in our communities and actively work on changing this idiotic culture. FYI, don’t respond that white people do the same thing. I care about what we do, not what others do.

  4. Its amazing how black children always cause their own deaths. They are so irresponsible just like…oh, that’s right, CHILDREN! Sure he shouldn’t have had a bb gun because we all know those against the law…oh, wait a minute, they’re not! Well how dare he come outside with his black skin and look like robbery suspect! His parents should have taught him better…sounds ridiculous right? Because it is; we don’t know why he pulled the bb gun out his waistband maybe it was to show them its just a bb gun, but I tell you what I doubt, I doubt he pointed at them or anything of the sort because really, what could he do with it against real guns? His parents may have done their job, kids sometimes do what they want when they are with their friends. The officer will get a nice vacation and be back in no time

    • ResponsibilityInControl on said:

      PrettyPeggy – I thinnk you are missing the point here and it is as simple as this:

      He was in control of his own actions. He and he alone is responsible for his own actions. We cant make excuses when we know right from wrong. And secondly he wasn’t out target shooting was he? Was he at a sport shooting event, to have a bb gun and laser attachment?

  5. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    Again this young man was in control and responsible for his actions, he had a bb gun with a laser attachment and pointed it at police after fleeing mind you. Well Surely the parents will get on TV and claim he was an angel but the question needs to be answered from the parents why did you allow for him to be there why did you allow him to have a bb gun with laser, why did you allow him to think it was acceptable to point a gun real or bb at police? And where were they when this was going on?

    Surely they will sue and all will be well, we need to be more accountable for our children period no question about it cause surely if this young man had an actual gun and killed this police officer the family wouldn’t care. They wouldn’t condemn his actions or speak out at all.

    • Terrisa Beck-Jarmon on said:

      Let’s wait for some facts. Let’s start with the person being robbed did he give a description better than being just BLACK. Do we have evidence that he was fleeing? Did the child draw the BB Gun or was it still in his waist band? Do the officers wear cameras? Black youth if you haven’t been keeping up is SCARED of the police. This is a 13 year whom is DEAD! So let’s wait on facts and show sympathy for this family before you judge.

      • We have the facts. Young Tyree pulled a BB gunout when confronted by cops and was shot in the process- which any resonable person would surmise as a probable outcome. Tyree’s parents/guardians are to blame and no one else.

      • Here are the facts:

        The officer and the other man with King, 19-year-old Demetrius Braxton, were not injured.

        Braxton told the Dispatch that he was with King and saw the shooting.

        Braxton described King’s gun as a BB gun that look like a real gun. He said there was a laser site under the gun barrel.

        King wanted to rob someone for money, Braxton said. “I was in the situation,” he said. “We robbed somebody, the people I was with.”


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